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    Contain Many Levels (A to Z) : by Jordi Domenech
    Mac Levels (in 5 formats) - Scott Lindhurst
    S.P.S. Web page closed
    Sokoban_game Web page closed
    SOKOBAN Project (EN) - (FR) - Sokobano Mail
    SokoMind Web page closed more than 7000 additional levels
    Super Soko Web page closed
    True Dimension's Warehouse Guy

    Periodicaly Changing Levels (A to Z) :
    Monthly competition in french (click on GB flag for English)
    Sokofun - Level of the Month /
    Sokomind - Special Level updating NOT ACTIVE NOW

    Level Authors (A to Z) :
    20603 - Yongzhong Zou
    Alain Kersteller
    Alberto Borella - Mail
    Alberto García
    Andre Bernier - Mail
    Arpad Fekete - Mail - Download from here
    Aymeric du Peloux - MiniCosmos & MicroCosmos & NaboKosmos & PicoKosmos & Hexocet & Cosmopoly & LOMA & CosmoNotes series - Mail
    Bekkoame Web page closed
    Big Panda
    Blaz Nikolic
    Borella Alberto - Mail
    Buddy Casamis
    Brian Damgaard - Mail
    Brian Kent - Mail
    Bruno Druille - Mail
    Crazy Monk - Jean-Pierre Martel and Matthias Meger
    David Holland Web page closed
    David W. Skinner
    Doreen & Rainer Kaufmann - Mail
    Deep Blue by Dries De Clercq ( Web page closed - ( Web page closed - Mail
    Edwin Abbot
    Eric Tchong - Mail
    Erim Sever - Levels - Mail
    François Marques
    František Pokorny- 2 - Mail
    Frederik Goethals
    Gerald Holler - Mail
    Ghislain Martin - Sokoban Factory - Sokostation - Mail
    GRIGoRusha - Evgeniy Grigoriev
    Guillaume Gravejat
    Herbert Kyrian
    Hirohiko Nakamiya - Mail
    Hiroki Kanou
    Howard Abed - Extra KSokoban Levels - SokoCreation - Mail
    Ivelin Georgiev Ivanov
    J. Franklin Mentzer "Still More!" Levels - Mail
    Jacques Duthen "Sokogen" (computer generated) "For the Kids" Levels for ages 4-8 and beginners - Mail-1 - Mail-2
    Jean Pierre Kent
    Jiri Petrak - Mail
    John C. Davis - Mail
    John Polhemus "Nintendo Gameboy's Boxxle Levels" - Mail
    Jordi Doménech
    Joseph L. Traub
    Kanou Hiroki - Mail
    Karl-Heinz Böhm
    Keijo Sopuli - Mail
    Kenyam - Kenya Maruyama - Mail
    Kevin B. Reilly 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - Mail - SokoMind Levels (with SokoMindPlus levels also)
    Kobus Theron - Mail
    Kostas - Konstantinos Bozeberg - Mail
    Laura Wheeler - Mail
    Lee J. Haywood - 2
    Lena Pankratova - Mail
    Li Jin You
    Manuel Ritto Correa - Mail
    Marcus Palstra - Mail
    Marek Letrab - Mail
    Marko Dzekic
    Mario Bonenfant - Mail
    Masato Hiramatsu - (Hir)
    Martí Homs Web page closed
    Mic - Jan Reineke - Games4Brains
    Mike McKee & Joe Hitchens - Pocoman Game Levels
    Monry Web page closed
    Pavel Klavík
    Péter Asztalos
    Phil Shapiro -
    "Simple Sokoban" Levels - Mail
    Richard Weston
    Rick Sladkey
    Spiros Mantzoukis
    Pocket Sokoban Level Sets
    Radio Shack "IQ Carrier," Levels -Shareware-
    Roger Delaporte Web page closed - Mail
    Serg Belyaev - Mail
    Stanislav Kanev
    Stopheart - Mail 1 2 - The main level designer for MF8 Competition
    Sven Egevad - 2
    Sylvain Gravejat
    Takaken - Ken'ichiro Takahashi - Mail
    Thomas Jensen
    Thomas Reinke
    Tian Lang - Mail
    Tommy in Pennsylvania
    Union Software of Silesia Rousers
    Vipul Patel
    Ward de Langhe
    Werner Ettinger
    XiBei TianLang
    Yang Chao Web page closed
    York Shen Web page closed
    Yoshio Murase
    Yoshio Murase & Masato Hiramatsu - Masato Hiramatsu Mail 1 - Mail 2
    Youichi Koyama
    Ziko - Zbigniew Kornas - 2

    Note :
    Yoshio Murase published his famous computer generated levels. All of them are small, only 8 x 8 squares, and have only three boxes, but finding the correct solution can be very difficult. These 52 levels be "Classic puzzles". (historical and very famous)

    Note 2 :
    Nintendo Gameboy's Boxxle Levels and IQ Carrier levels removed because they are copyrighted and still being sold in Japan. Source : Sokoban for the Macintosh - they removed at v2.4.2

    How to make a computer generated level :
    Sven Egevad 's very illustrative descriptions with examples for experimenting with YASG (level generator) and YASS (level solver) at his web page with his some more SvenTools QBasic programs.

    Perhaps you can find more levels in internet (still borning-growing because of us) :)


    This part of explain from Brian Damgaard's Sokoban YASC - Yet Another Sokoban Clone's "Help Menu" :

    There are 2 natural metrics for the Sokoban game :
    Moves - Number of player moves.
    Pushes - Number of box pushes.

    During the game these numbers are always visible on the statusbar. Additionally, 3 extra metrics are shown when the mouse-cursor hovers over the moves or the pushes :

    Box lines - Straight-line box pushes.
    Box changes - Changing focus from one box to another.
    Pushing sessions - Changing from moving the player to pushing the boxes.

    This part's pictures and explains from Eric Sunsine and Paul McCarthy's SokoSave's offline "Help web page". (this help web page can be find after installing Sokosave's setup)

    Puzzle maniacs should try to find solutions with the minimum number of moves, pushes, runs, or focus changes.
    These are different goals. For example, sometimes you can reduce the number of moves at the cost of added pushes and vice versa.

    As an illustration of these potentially conflicting goals.

    Minimum Pushes
    One can minimize the number of pushes (represented by the dark line), but at the expense of the number of moves (represented by the light line).
    In this case, getting the crate to the goal required only 6 pushes, but 28 moves.

    Minimum Moves
    Conversely, minimizing the number of moves often results in a greater number of pushes.
    In this instance, getting the crate to the goal required 14 pushes (8 more than the previous example), but only 18 moves (10 fewer than the previous example).

    I fully agree with Mr. Sokobano who wrote Sokoban Project web page :
    "These result tables also include records that were achieved with the help of optimization programs. Some records are without this help and, perhaps, are only extremely difficult to reach. All of these records especially serve to provide possibilities and motivation."

    Sokoban Project - Highscores
    SokoMind Highscores Web page closed
    Sokoban Records by Dries De Clercq
    Super Soko Scores Web page closed
    Super Soko Billboard Web page closed


    Lots of Sokoban game are automatically saved solutions to levels if they are best in either number of moves or pushes. They are kept in the same folder as the level file.
    The solution filename is the same as the level filename but with the extension .xht or .sol or .his (or an other type) and the file extension of the latter is also included in the name.
    Example : solutions for erim001.xsb are kept in erim001.xht or all_E_Soko.txt are kept in all_E_Soko_txt.sol or ...
    You can load solution files in a text editor. You should however be careful if you modify it. You might want to do that if you have reorganized the level file or you have found a much neater solution but it is not autosaved because the move or push counts are not better (but equal).

    Lots of Sokoban games playback solutions of all solved levels; continue playing your own game from any position of the solution and some of Sokoban games can keep track of solutions of different players

    Lots of Sokoban game limited for autosaving moves count at solutions because of buffer capacity.
    Example : Sokofan saves only the first 16,000 moves. (Should be enough. Also, this does not concern autosaved solutions for which there is no practical limit)

    Sokoban Levels Answer's gets the "LlUuRrDd" (Left Up Right Down) for description solution moves. Upper letters for "pushes" and the lower letters for "moves".
    And some of Sokoban games supports at solution file compressed LURD format (Example : LLLLLuuUrRRR = 5L2uUr3R)


    At July 01, 2004 This style born & share by me :D
    Based on an idea suggested by me and was the first author of the "Start-With-End-Position" Levels (maybe because of a program bug). (at 01/July/2004 I sent an email to yahoo sokoban group for share my idea & these kind of new levels)
    For Sokoban & SokoMindPlus & Hexoban & HexobanPlus & Multiban & MultibanPlus & "All Sokoban Style Games" where all boxes are already on goal tiles (level as solved)! After the first move (normally a forced push), the player has to solve it again which may take many more moves than the one move at the beginning.
    Still lots of games gives a bug when you play first move/push and made 1 undo after that.

    Sokofan v1.5 and upper versions - Sokoban & SokoMindPlus & Hexoban & HexobanPlus & Multiban & MultibanPlus Levels support. (short for Sokoban Fan)
    Sokomind v3.4- Web page closed Sokoban & SokoMindPlus Levels support with level editor.
    SokoSave v5.1b19 and upper versions Sokoban & Hexoban & Trioban Levels support.
    YSokoban v1.64 and upper versions Sokoban levels support.

    Some of Sokoban game and solver program authors made new versions for make playable these type levels. I think these levels are "valuable" for think and really THANKS :D

    I wish you enjoy them !

    All level editor programs can make these type of levels with only using Sokoban pusher more than 1. (Or you can add with a text editor like notepad)


    Maybe you want send any sokoban levels with email;
    Lots of email servers strips the empty space and multiple spaces too. Because of this;

    1 ) Before distributing your post, use one hyphens "-" or underscores "_" for one space;
    And your email friend will correct them and get the real levels. (some Sokoban games support for not see these characters)
    2 ) You must use a "|" (or an other character not used in Sokoban level "$* .@+") front of all lines for seperate level lines.
    And your email friend will correct them and get the real levels.
    3 ) Using attachments with your emails !
    4 ) At receiving messages by mail, just choose to receive them in txt format (not html). Then a simple CTRL+C and a CTRL+V in a txt file give non broken levels, even without the "_"


    I Summary from Sokoban Yahoo Group Mails (in pharantessis with my ideas 07/2010) :

    Some people belive (Jordi catch this and i think we are very lucky about talking about this subject also) "Every culture has its values. For Chinese authors, the most important value is the difficulty. In contrast, for Japanese authors the most important value is the simplicity."

    (In real about that times there are lots of remodel mails. And Chinese authors are very good about it...)

    One level author (dh_puzl_bustr) wrote at group mail : "My too-easy puzzles have been turned into more interesting ones and I wish I'd made these originally! My most complex puzzles have been turned into something fiendish I cannot solve!"

    But one man (Ming) waken up us with his group mail : "I got tired of seeing "Chinese school" or westerners and how you think they think or like. Please stop putting a label on what you think the Chinese culture or players like."

    (This heading still in this page because it has value... Finally i agree with "No need label" because after make generaly with labels, human always "be mistaken"...)

    © Erim SEVER from Turkey
    The most auspicious of people is the one who is beneficial to other people. - Hz. Muhammed - from Rumi's testament