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    Acorn :
    Pushy 1 by R. E. Williams (Fred) with 25 levels. Requirements : A3000 with RiscOs 3 (it can run on RiscOs 2)
    Pushy 2 v2.12 by R. E. Williams (Fred) with 25 levels. Requirements : RiscPC-600 and A3000 with RiscOs 3.1. Compatible with StrongArm.
    SokoBas v1.4 by Arjan Opmeer with 90 levels. Requirements : Unknown (also works Risc-PC) - Web page closed

    Alice Computers :
    Sokoban - 2 by Jim Gerrie. It's a BASIC program with source codes. Play Sokoban with QSWZ on AZERTY keyboard or play with ASWZ on QWERTY keyboard. There are 2 files (*.K7) for play : for AZERTY keyboards Download and 2.nd for QWERTY keyboards Download. For play with it, you need DCAlice emulator by Daniel Coulom. Play with 16K extension and enter instructions below :
    RUN - Thanks game author Jim Gerrie and emulator author Daniel Coulom for give permission for share - Thanks to Ghislain for share

    Amiga :
    ASokoban v1.1c by Panagiotis Christias with XSokoban 85 levels. Requirements : Amiga OS 2.0 or higher. Web page closed
    ASokoban v3.1 & v2.4 by Hakan L. Younes with 90 XSokoban + 41 levels. Requirements : Amiga OS 2.0 or higher. Accurate ClassAct. Web page closed
    Box World 1 v.1.12
    Dragon Cave v1.00 by Michael Berling y Hartmut Stein with 50 original levels. Requirements : Amiga (Any version of Workbench) In 2D and 3D with a subjective viewpoint graphics are "based" on the game Dungeon Master. Level Editor support 50 additional levels.
    GL Sokoban v0.1 by László Vörös - Requirements : WarpOS, Warp3D, CyberGFX Web page closed
    Jasio v2.12 (jasko.lha file) by Cerber (Piotr Kaúmierczak; programación y gráficos) y Brother (Música) with order levels. Requirements : Amiga (it needs 1 MB of memory) Web page closed
    Rexoban by Petr Mares with 3 levels. Requirements : Amiga ARexx support (standard from some version of AmigaOS)
    Sokomond by Silvio Lange with 12 levels. Requirements : Amiga
    Still Yet Another Sokoban by David Joffe / ToAks Os4 for Amiga OS4
    Worry by Ritchy with 25 levels. Requirements : Amiga 500

    Amstrad CPC 6128 :
    SOKO BAM by T. Lebec. At Menu Screen (1 to PLAY, 2 to EDIT) & LevelSet Screen (type SOK + Enter)
    SOKO-BAN by Ritter & Schick. This is the only screen I see, and then, nothing happens... I've tried all the keys, even with shift and control
    Soko-Ban (G) (19xx) - Not sure it's the same or not version as the one of Ritter & Schick

    Emulator Notes :
    Arnold Emulator : - "sokobam.dsk" : disk OK but hard to launch and slow between screens - "SOKOBAN.DSK" : disk OK but only title screen and then nothing happens - "Soko-Ban (G) (19xx).cpr" : Failed to launch this cartridge
    WinAPE emulator : Worse than Arnold. I can't run anything - Thanks to Ghislain for share

    Apple II :
    Cargo Bay This one needs to download/install a plugin
    Soko-Ban for Apple II emulated in a flash window. From this page, click on the button "Hraj!" to access the free online flash emulation of the Apple II Sokoban ROM
    Sokoban (1984)(Spectrum Holobyte) : (Disk 1 of 2) - (Disk 2 of 2)

    Atari 400 & 800 XL :
    Atalan Sokoban by Nosty 2010
    Atari XL Sokoban by KE-Soft
    Note for Emulator : Games can be played with Atari 800 Win Plus 4.0 emulator and the "XF25.ZIP" which contains at least OS-A ROM, OS-B ROM and XL ROM. Once you have configured the emulator, use "File | Autoboot Image" menu to run "Atari XL Sokoban.atr" or "Atalan Sokoban.xex". Note that on this emulator :
    F2 : Start
    F3 : Select
    F4 : Option
    F5 : Reset
    NumPad = Joystick (use 2/4/6/8 keys) - Thanks to Ghislain for share

    Atari 2600 :
    Sokoban by Adam Wozniak ([a1] .a26 file)
    Sokoban by Adam Wozniak (.a26 file)

    Atari 8Bit (Atari XL) :
    Atari XL Sokoban by KE-Soft (De) (.atr file)
    Sokoban (bas2boot) (.atr file)
    Sogon by Ke-soft

    Atari ST :
    Alfreds Kistenlager Schiebereien for Atari with level editor (1990, Monochrome, program format .msa)
    Pushbox by Werner Lang by Stefan Berlitz and Frank Werninger 1992, Monochrome
    Sokoban by Impulse 1995. For play, you can use Steem emulator in v3.1 with a TOS Image v2.06. Configure Steem emulator with this TOS Image. Then map a virtual Atari C: Hard Disk on the "SOKOBAN.ICE" folder (where you have the PRG file). Reset the emulator. Double-click on the C: Hard Disk. Double-click on the Sokoban.PRG. Then you can choose from 42 levels + extra levels. Play with arrow keys. In the listbox where you choose levels, the upleft cross allows you to go to the parent folder. I say that because by default, you will not be in the good folder ! No, no, it's not difficult at all to play Sokoban on Atari ST - Thanks to Ghislain for share
    Syntax Terror by Delta Force 1990 (Inside package of course Sokoban) Direct download link and you can find patched and mirror links from same adress. You can run it under Steem Engine v3.1 with TOS v2.06 and use the MSA file as a floppy disk on the Disk Manager. Then SPACE to skip intermediate screens. In the Main Menu, of course, choose Soko-Ban (it must blink). Then SPACE. SPACE again. Perhaps SPACE once more. And before the SPACE key is completely broken, you can play Sokoban - Thanks to Ghislain for share

    BeOS :
    BeSokoban v1.1 by Andrew Bazan with 44 levels. Requirements : BeOS R4 and R5 (Intel and PPC)
    SokoBe - BeOS 5.0
    Still Yet Another Sokoban by David Joffe Published by Rafael K
    XSok - Requires the X11 environment for BeOS (Xbeos) - Recommended Xbeosnative
    Yasminuroban with level editor

    Casio Calculator :
    Sokoban v1.0 by Marcel Kanter

    Casio CFX9850 to FCX9950 :
    Sokoban by Xavier Izard with level editor.
    Sokoban by Xavier Izard : [cas] [cat] [ctf] [fxi] [txt]

    Casio CFX 9850G and compatibles :
    Boxworld by Lionel Baboud with 13 levels.

    Casio CFX 9860GC and compatibles :

    Cassiopeia BE-300 Pocket Manager :
    WceSoko by Robert Vasicek

    Commodore C64 :
    Soko_Prv You can find ROMS. The "soko_prv.d64" runs well. And you can run them with the same emulator as for Commodore VIC-20 (below)
    Sokoban (Spectrum Holobyte) 1984 (1!Sokoban) - .z64 file
    Sokoban (Spectrum Holobyte) 1984 (2!Sokoban) - .z64 file
    Sokoban (Spectrum Holobyte) 1984 (3!Sokoban) - .z64 file
    Sokoban (Spectrum Holobyte) 1984 (4!Sokoban) - .z64 file

    Commodore VIC-20 :
    Vic-20 Sokoban by Michael Kircher. Requirements: unexpanded VIC-20, joystick, disk drive

    Debian :
    Still Yet Another Sokoban by David Joffe Unofficial Debian Packages Prepared by Timo Röhling.

    Enterprise 64/128 :
    Sokoban download 45 levels - Emulator download - The emulator takes a few second to check memory. Then select directory for tape files. Then enter the instruction below :
    LOAD"SOKOBAN.COM" - Thanks to Ghislain for share

    Epoch Game Pocket Computer (=Pokekon) :
    Epoch Game Pocket Computer was a handheld game system released by large Japanese toy manufacturer Epoch in 1984/85
    Sokoban - Thanks to Ghislain for share
    Sokoban for caset

    Franklin Ebookman :
    Sokobookman Web page closed

    Freebox :

    Game Boy :
    Block Badger by Tobias Cohen and Carolyn Staines Requirements : Game Boy Color
    Boxes by Chuck Mason.
    Boxxle v1.1 and Boxxle v2 You must choose JavaBoy on little menu.
    Boy SokoBan v. 1.20 by Emil Brink
    Sokoban by Yang Chao with 131 levels from David W. Skinner Requiremets : Game Boy Advance

    GNU/Linux (X Window System) :
    Sokoban++ 3D This is a port of Sokoban++ 3D to the GNU/Linux operating system. Compiled on Red Hat Linux 7.3, known to work on RH 9.0, but may also work on others. It is very incomplete.
    Known bug: Resizing the sokoban window does not work as expected. --- getting from Sokoban++ writer Joris Wit's Sokoban junkyard web page. (Screenshot)

    GP2X :
    Sokobangp2x or from the archive Web page closed

    Hango PJB100 Personal JukeBox :
    Intruduction with Sokoban

    HP-48SX :
    Move by Gilles Kohl (?) with 50 levels.

    HP-49G, HP-48, HP-38G :
    SokoBan v2.1 by Detlef Müller with 50 levels. (The HP-49G version is 2.1; for HP-48 and HP-38G, 2.0.) Web page closed

    HP-49, HP-50 :
    SokoBan v2.1 by Detlef Müller. As a "garbage collector," your task is to collect lost objects and push them onto free storage locations through a puzzle. This is a fun, 50-level game
    Sokoban 2.3 by Frederic Barbaise. Not only a port from D. Müller's Sokoban game, this version has been completely rewritten to fit with the functionalities of the newer calculators. Requires ROM 2.00
    Sokoban/DL 1.2 by Daniel Lidström. Implementation of the sokoban puzzle game, where you are a garbage collector and must push boxes out of the way. Lots of fun! Includes source code and 89 levels

    Java :
    (Arabic) Web page closed
    Hospital Sokoban Java based. Web page closed
    Java Sokoban by Web Sailor Productions with 50 levels.
    Java Sokoban v2.0 Web page closed
    Java Sokoban (Arabic) Web page closed
    J Sokoban with editor. It uses the LWJGL (LightWeight Java Game Library) and the 2D extension called Slick2D.
    Lotec Sokoban v.1.7
    Mini Juegos Web page closed
    Paul Voyer
    Riza Purwo Nugroho - 2 with 103 levels.
    Riza Purwo Nugroho Applet with some more addings by Otto Janko with 103 levels.
    SokME by Lee Haywood with 123 levels (with 10 Multiban and 16 Hexoban levels)
    Sokoban++ Java by Joris Wit
    Sokoban by Hans Knorr with 2027 levels. It works as an applet and as a standalone application.
    Sokoban 3D Java - JRE 1.3.1 or 1.4 of Sun by Nurdogan Erdem with 90 levels. Web page closed
    Sokoban en JavaScript by Juan Antonio Jiménez
    Sokoban ME - Mobile Edition Nokia N-Gage QD
    Sokoban Oyungac NOKIA: 2650, 3100, 3105, 3108, 3120, 3125, 3200, 3205, 3230, 3300, 3410, 3510i, 3520, 3530, 3560, 3585i, 3586, 3586i, 3587i, 3595, 3600, 3620, 3650, 3660, 5100, 5210, 6010, 6012, 6015, 6015i, 6100, 6108, 6200, 6220, 6225, 6260, 6310i, 6560, 6585, 6600, 6610, 6610i, 6620, 6630, 6650, 6651, 6670, 6680, 6681, 6682, 6800, 6810, 6820, 7200, 7210, 7250, 7250i, 7600, 7610, 7610, 7650, 8910i, N-GAGE, N-GAGE QD SIEMENS: A65, C55, C60, M55, MC60, S55, SL55, SL55 SONYERICSSON: P800, T610, T616, T628, T630, T637, Z600 Web page closed
    Sokoban Tux - Java-OS - Freeware
    Sokoblue Java by Jan Reineke
    Sokobox by
    Sokolor - 2

    Jupiter Ace Forth Computer :
    SokoACE by Ricardo F. Lopes

    Kodak DC290 Camera :
    Sokoban by Roger Milne.

    Linux :
    gSoko v0.3 in C (Screenshot OK but download links seems to be broken)
    Sokoban SG by Green Valley with level editor, position optimizer/analyzer, solution error analysis. Freeware
    Sourkoban by Rod Gerstad with Map editor/creator (The Python source code is included)
    Still Yet Another Sokoban by David Joffe with Source Code Download
    Yasminuroban by Joan Alba Maldonado with 15 levels with level editor
    ZenWalk by George Vlahavas.

    Macintosh :
    3D Sokoban 3.0 by SilverSoftware MacOS 9.0 with OpenGL 1.2.1 or MacOS X Shareware
    3D Sokoban 3.0 for Mac OS 9, OS X
    3d Sokoban for Mac OS
    Aquatomic 1.0.1 is based on the KDE game KAtomic - Mac OS X 10.2 or later. Web page closed
    Banana Warehouse within the time limit!
    JSokoban v1.0.1/1.1a4 by Jason Townsend (Jason Best graphics) with 191 levels. Requirements : System 6.0.7 and above (v. 1.0.1) and System 7 or later (v. 1.1a4)
    Kiki the nano bot v1.0.3 is a 3-D puzzle game. It is basically a mixture of the games Sokoban and Kula-World. Requirements :Mac OSX 10.1
    MacSokoban v3.0.3 - Ftp - Editor Module by Ingemar Ragnemalm with 464 levels (including 90 of XSokoban and other packages) Requirements : Mac OS 7.5.3, and previous versions.
    Sloppy Sokoban v1.5 by SloppyDisk Software Requirements : PowerMac with Mac OS 8.1, CarbonLib 1.1 and QuickTime 4.0 or higher.
    Sokoban v2.5 beta by Scott Lindhurst with 212 levels. Requirements : MacOS System 6.0.7 or later, although it works better in System 7 or later.
    SokoSave by Eric Sunshine and Paul McCarthy with 90 original +64 of Hexoban +6 Trioban levels. Requirements : Windows, MacOS / X, MacOS / X Server 1.0 (Rhapsody / Yellowbox) for Mach and Windows, OpenStep 4.2 for Mach and Windows, and NextStep.
    Sourkoban by Rod Gerstad with Map editor/creator (The Python source code is included)
    Still Yet Another Sokoban by David Joffe

    Widget for Macintosh OS X 10.4+ :
    DashBox 1.0 by Max Antoni - 2005 Thanks to Jordi for share

    Microcolor Computers :
    Sokoban - 2 by Jim Gerrie. It's a BASIC program with source codes. Play Sokoban with QSWZ on AZERTY keyboard or play with ASWZ on QWERTY keyboard. There are 2 files (*.K7) for play : for AZERTY keyboards Download and 2.nd for QWERTY keyboards Download. For play with it, you need DCMicrocolor emulator by Daniel Coulom. Play with 16K extension and enter instructions below :
    RUN - Thanks game author Jim Gerrie and emulator author Daniel Coulom for give permission for share - Thanks to Ghislain for share

    MS Dos :
    Boxy v1.0 by Nicolas Challeil with original 50 levels.
    Cargo Bay
    Crates Sokoban by Hans de Vreught
    Sokoban This one is very slow... And doesn't work for me... Needs several tries (F5) just to display the DOS error...
    Sokoban by Jim Radoliffe 1995
    Sokoban by Leo Wong
    Sokoban by Rebels 2007. Esc to exit. Arrow keys to play Download page and Download link
    Sokoland Web page closed
    VGA Sokoban by David Joffe with 90 XSokoban levels. Web page closed

    MSX MSX :
    Sokoban (.dsk file)

    MSX MSX2 :
    Perfect Sokoban (.dsk file)

    NEC :
    Sokoban for "Bundo"

    NetBSD :
    Yasminuroban by Joan Alba Maldonado with 15 levels with level editor

    NET framework - Microsoft :
    Sokoban.NET version 0.1 for the .NET platform, written in C#. Requires Microsoft .NET framework (about 20 MB). Web page closed

    NES :
    Sokoban You must choose NESCafe in the little menu

    Nintendo (Nintendo DS & NDS) :
    BlobbDS v0.5 (NDS Game)
    Sokoban DS - 2 New beta till September 2008.
    Sokomania DSiWare

    Nintendo Wii :
    Still Yet Another Sokoban Wii by David Joffe prepared by Shin-NiL Web page closed
    Rokoban 3D by Zalo.

    OpenBSD :
    Yasminuroban by Joan Alba Maldonado with 15 levels with level editor

    Osaris :
    SokobanOS v1.00 by Dennis Hage

    OS/2 :
    Sokoban by Shum Fat Tse for OS/2 v1.1.5 with 347 levels.
    Still Yet Another Sokoban by David Joffe ported by Andreas Peters.
    Yasminuroban by Joan Alba Maldonado with 15 levels with level editor

    Palm Pilot :
    320x320 Games Pack by Intorine, LLC
    Allure Sokoban Works on Pocket PC 2002-2003
    BoxMan FreeWare Web page closed
    BoxMan by CRMobilIT
    BoxPuzzle by Ants Technologies, Inc.
    Color Burst by
    Electronhut's Sokoban v1.2
    Gem Slider by (PalmOS)
    Gem Slider III by (CLIE)
    Gem Slider III by (Palm)
    HandySokoban ShareWare
    Hot Games Pack by Intorine, LLC
    Hot Sokoban by Intorine, LLC
    Hot Sokoban 1.5 - 2 Palm OS 3.1 Shareware
    K-Soko v.1.0.3 - Palm OS 4 et 5 minimum - Shareware
    Microban by Tom Chan
    Mono Games Pack by Intorine, LLC
    Niels' Sokoban v1.0 by Niels Müller with 148 levels (discharged independently)
    Pikoban (aka Sokoban) 4.0 - 2 by Tan Kok Mun
    Puzzle Game Suite by Ants Technologies, Inc.
    Roboban3D by Robert Niedziela
    Socoban by Megasoft2000
    Soko Puzzle by Game Zone Project (PalmOS)
    Springer by Hiratte Software Solution

    PDA :
    Hospital Sokoban Java based
    Supported PDA : Acer n10 , Acer n20 , Asus MyPal A620, Casio E-115 , Casio E-125 , Casio E-200 , Casio EM500 , Dell Axim X5 , Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox , HP iPAQ h1910/h1920 , HP iPAQ h1930/h1940/h1945 , HP iPAQ h2210/h2215 , HP iPAQ h3100/h3600/h3700 , HP iPAQ h3800 Series , HP iPAQ h3900 Series , HP iPAQ h4150/h4155 , HP iPAQ h4150/h4350 , HP iPAQ h4350/h4355 , HP iPAQ h5100/h5400/h5500 , HP iPAQ h5450/h5455 , HP Jornada 520/540 Series , HP Jornada 560 Series , NEC MobilePro P300 , O2 xda , T-Mobile Phone Edition , Toshiba 2032 , Toshiba e310 , Toshiba e550 Series , Toshiba e570 , Toshiba e740 , Toshiba Genio-e , Toshiba e800 Series, ViewSonic Pocket PC V35 , ViewSonic Pocket PC V36 , ViewSonic Pocket PC V37 , Zayo or other Windows Mobile powered device.
    Pocket Sokoban Homepage

    PEL Varazdin ORAO :
    Kyukyoku no Sokoban - To learn a little more about this very old computer, it's here

    Play Station :
    Kyukyoku no Sokoban
    Mario and Luigi Sokoban
    Sokoban Basic
    SokoPspBan 0.5
    Ultimate Sokoban

    Play Station 3 :
    Souko v0.0.3 - Homebrew

    Pocket PC (Windows Mobile) :
    Allure Sokoban Ver 1.0 Pocket PC 2002/2003 (Windows Mobile 2003)
    Caocao 1.0
    Casket 1.0
    Pocket Cartoon Sokoban by Drozegon shareware
    Pocket Sokoban
    PPcSokoban v1.3 - 2
    Resco Sokoban Shareware Isometric 3D graphics & Top-View Camera. Web page closed
    Soko - v1.0
    Sokoban - v1.0
    Sokoban 1.2 Shareware Compatible: Casio Cassiopeia E-115, Casio Cassiopeia E-125, Casio Cassiopeia EM-500, Compaq iPaq 1945, Compaq iPaq 2215, Compaq iPaq 5555, Compaq iPaq H3600, Compaq iPaq H3670, Compaq iPaq H3800, Compaq iPaq Pocket PC 3765, Compaq iPaq Pocket PC 3900, Compaq iPaq Pocket PC H1910, Dell Axim X5, HP Jornada 565, HP Jornada 568, HP Jornada 680, Toshiba e570
    Sokoban 1.2 Xcomsoft
    Soko Box (Search "soko" to find it in the middle of the page)
    SokoSave Mobile v3.45 for touch-screen phones and Windows mobile systems till 12.2008
    Warehouse Guy
    Warehouse Guy CE
    Warehouse Manager for Pocket PC 1.0.3

    Python :
    PySokoban v0.9-r1 by Travis Athougies
    Sokoban Unfinished project, but with screenshot and sources
    Sokoban v0.8 by Manuel Kammermeier
    Sokoban v1.00 by Jordan Trudgett
    Sokoban v1.1 by Josmiley

    Rockbox :
    Title 9.1.18 SokoBan (Picture)

    Schneider CPC 6128 :
    SokoBan in BASIC

    SDL :
    SokoBan project by Mikea

    SED :
    Colorized sed Sokoban

    Sega :
    Sega Mycade
    Shove-it - Always cracked mode, i can't find official web page for it

    Sega Game Gear :
    Sokoban World (J) - Can find on many emulation websites. Many levels, with passwords when you solve 10 levels. I have got the complete list of passwords for thoose who are interested. There is an unlimited undo/redo using keys 1 and 2 on the right of the console. And a little animation at the end of the game. Very original : you deliver your princess !! - Thanks to Ghislain for share

    SFC :
    Super Soukoban

    SNES :
    Power Soukoban

    Spectrum HoloByte (Sinclair ZX-Spectrum HoloByte) :
    Soko-Ban 1984 by Einar Sauka and Eduardo Ito with 90 levels. There is no level editor but in the documentation (on website) explains how to change levels or add new editing the source code.
    Sokoban Line by Einar Sauka with 10 (generated by Yoshio Murase) levels. (ZX-Spectrum 16K) SOKO-BAN+ LOMA (2007) These 2 programs run on the ZX-Spectrum but you can also play them online clicking on the Java emulator icon on the left side of these pages. Thanks for Einar Saukas for share. - 2 for download
    Sokoban - 2 by Zack (Dominic Morris) with 70 levels (1997).
    Sokoban (CSSCGC) (.z80 file)
    Sokoban - Compiler Speeccy Game Maps (for 99 levels) Shareware
    Sokoban - Editor 1990 by Omikron Software (UNK-LANG) (.z80 file)
    Sokoban (UNK-LANG) [Different] (.z80 file)
    Sokoman - Compiler Speeccy
    Tetris & Sokoban by Ivan Krut (Ru) (.trd file)
    ZXOKO-BAN ZX81 version

    Here are old french magazines that talk about Sokoban ! I only found texts that talk about the famous Spectrum Holobyte version :
    TILT - N°54 - May 1988 - Page 56/57 - French
    TILT - (Special) N°09 - June 1988 - Page 98 - French
    Joystick - N°22 - December 1991 - Page 111 - French (Only a little hint (the famous "U" key to undo one move)
    Joystick - (Special) N°05 - June 1993 - Page 117 - French (The same little hint, hidden among thousands of these good old pokes, you cheaterz)
    (This pharagraph getting from Ghislain Martin's March 21, 2011 - Abandonware Magazine mail)

    SQL Server :
    SQL Sokoban This is perhaps the most useless version of Sokoban around, but it still has it's own web page. It will allow you to play Sokoban from within SQL Server (e.g. Query Analyser). --- getting from Sokoban++ author Joris Wit's Sokoban junkyard web page

    Squeak :
    Sokoban Squeak published for Squeak by Robert Hirschfeld.

    Tandy computers (Tandy TRS-80 CoCo) :
    Soko-Ban ROM or buy it here for no more than $50. And here is what a Tandy computer looks like.

    Thomson Computers :
    Billybox by Baptiste Bideaux developed in Basic 1.0 for Thomson MO5 Computer download The ZIP file contains K7 program, basic source code, WAV to run on a real MO5, and screenshots. To run the game, enter the instructions below :
    Running under DCMOTO. Note that Thomson computer have a 40*25 text mode or 320*200 graphic mode and only 16 simultaneous colors from a set of 4096 possible colors. BILLYBOX is a basic program, so that it is a little slow. But the game is really good. The levels and the graphics are in separated files and the game loads all this when it starts. Thanks to Ghislain for share

    Sokoban - DCMOTO by John Breaker

    TI-82 :
    BoxWorld by Apurva Patel (?) with 23 levels of Box World (Original Thinking Rabbit) and 3 of the author. Web page closed

    TI-83 Requiere SOS y ZLib. :
    BoxWorld 1.1 by Joe Wingbermuehle with original Sokoban levels. Requirements : TI-83. Requires SOS and ZLib. Web page closed

    TI-86 :
    Sokoban v1.0 by Andrew Von Dollen with original 50 levels.

    TI-89 :
    Sokoban v1.2 - with level editor
    Sokoban v1.2 by Alban Gervaise with level editor.
    SokoMize v1.00 by Thomas Nussbaumer with 94 levels and generator (may not be fixable!)

    Unix :
    Csokoban 2.2 by Brian Raiter with 176 levels.
    EasySok by Ralf Schmelter with level editor (Unix with KDE)
    GSokoban v1.0 by Andreas Persenius with 471 levels. Web page closed
    KSokoban v0.3.0 by Anders Widell with over 350 levels. (Unix / KDE (KDE is a graphical environment for various versions of Unix).
    Soked v0.47 by Martin P. Holland Holland with XSokoban + 5 additional package levels with level editor. (Linux with KDE 1.1.2, Qt 1.4x and the Python Bindings for Qt and KDE)
    Sokoban by Bengt Andersson with the 50 original levels. Web page closed
    Still Yet Another Sokoban v1.00 - Simple DirectMedia Layer by David Joffe with 90 levels. (You may need to install SDL.)
    Xsok v1.02 by Michael Bischoff with 88 levels. (Unix/X11) Web page closed
    XSokoban v3.3c by Andrew Myers and others with 90 levels. (Unix / X-Windows)

    Vectrex :
    Vectoblox is a sokoban clone that runs on Vectrex. It is NOT freeware, because the developers have made a real packaging, a real user manual and a real cartridge that runs on the real Vectrex. But it seems to be very nice regarding the capabilities of this old console. There seem to be 50 levels at least. - Thanks to Ghislain for share

    VG5000 - A very old French Computer :
    Sokoban - Download game and 2 videos

    Forth language by Dominique from with a Forth compiler written also by Dominique (for Z80 CPU...) & There is an emulator here The emulator runs well and the K7 file is easy to load. But even if I enter the instructions below, nothing happens...
    CALL &"5200"
    If someone find how to run the K7 on the emulator, please, reply on this post. - From mail from Yahoo Sokoban Group

    I tried version 1, it doesn't seem to work. No clue why. However, v2 ( works fine.
    Just download v2 from the page you mentioned. And then download the DSL and SDL TTF that was mentioned. Put everything in the same directory. Then unrar the content of "sokoban-VG5000.rar" into the software directory. Run dcvg5k.exe (note, v2), and then click on the "k7" button located on the upper-left corner to load the sokoban tape. Once loaded, issue these cmds:
    CALL &"5200" and then it loads fine.
    something wrong with the reply system here again... - From Minglw mail from Yahoo Sokoban Group

    I've contacted the french author of the emulator and he explains me how to make the game work on the v1 !
    In the settings, you have to enable the 16K extension. Then you can use the short instructions below :
    CALL &"5200"
    And then, the game starts ! I've played the famous first Thinking Rabbit level.
    The author of the emulator also gives me the URL of a thread (in french) that concerns Sokoban : here
    You can find here pictures, videos, and peace of source code in Forth language ! - From Ghislain mail from Yahoo Sokoban Group

    XBOX :
    Bigger And/Or Better by Kobun

    Z 88 :
    Sokoban v1.01 by Zack (Dominic Morris) with 70 levels. Web page closed

    Others :
    Forth Sokoban by Leo Wong with 85 levels. (Forth language. There is a version compiled for MS-DOS.) Web page closed
    Python Sokoban by Seo Sanghyeon also supported Multiban.(Python language versions 2.2.1 and 1.5.2.)
    Sed-sokoban by Aurélio Marinho Jargas with 90 XSokoban levels.
    Sisyphus by Fergus Duniho with 25 levels and level editor. (The program Zillion of Games (registered version), preferably version 1.2.3 or higher. This program is for Windows) Web page closed
    Sokoban.el v1.5 by Boaz Ben-Zvi with 95 levels. (Need the GNU Emacs editor)
    Sokoban for Rockbox recorder by Eric Linenberg (?) with 5 levels. Without level editor but levels are in the source code, perhaps you can add more.
    VimSokoban v1.0-1.3 by Michael Sharpe with 90 levels. (Need Vim editor)
    Xokoban v2.1-3.0 by Frans van Workum (MS Excel - Office 97 SR-2) with 196 levels with level editor. Web page closed
    YaSokoban v2.0 by Hermange Mansilla with 90 levels. (Unix / X-Windows and Windows 9x -with Yabasic 2.36 or higher-) Web page closed
    Zokoban by David Jacob Wildstrom with 6 levels. (Running a shell Z-Code (Z-Code is an adventure game format original conversational Infocom).
    Sokoban for Minigame (It like Tamagocchi keychain)

    Clarke tech :
    C-Tech HD 6600 SST - Pdf Document (7,9MB)


    Japanase Sokoban games for mobile phones Japanase list and translated English list Products on sale list. And the "Release title" are : Konamiwaiwai Sokoban, Sokoban Revenge, DX & Sokoban Perfect First Step, First steps Sokoban, Sokoban + e, First Step Campaign Sokoban.

    3D Sokoban for Iphone
    Ankagua3D for Iphone with
    Apple Push for IPhone by Gag Media
    Blocks Puzzle for HTC Mobile Phones
    Blockster Free 1.0 for Iphone
    Aaron's Mindpanic - Ojom Mail
    BoxMan - - 2 - - 3 for Iphone
    Caixas Mobile
    Character Puzzle for Iphone
    Chicken Push for Iphone and Ipod touch by Duckjin Kang. Requires Iphone OS 2.0 or later.
    FissionQuest : Sokoban in 3D for iPhone and iPod Touch by Michael Cysouw (and also FissionQuest Lite)
    EZ Sokoban 1.0 for Iphone free with 20 levels, shareware with +200 levels.
    Haiku Index Europe Java Development Team - Mail
    iSoko Sokoban for IPhone by Armin Heinrich
    JNK Sokoban
    Konami - Goemon, Shiori, and appeared Nyami [Sokoban]! translated English page
    Lady Bug for Samsung Galaxy (Android) by Rafael Martins
    Naboko (Sokoban) for Iphone - 2 - Naboko Lite (Free Version) by GTSystem Software
    PPcSokoban for Pocket PC Sokoban
    Push Push by Namster for "Samsung" with Riza Purwo NUGROHO's Levels (also with answers) Web page closed
    PushPuzzle -VariousGames.jar- Sun Microsystems Inc.
    Psychoban A Dark Sokoban Puzzler for iPhone
    Rabbit Run for Iphone and iPads and iOS4.2 by Jeremy Rayner - 2 -
    Resco Sokoban for Smart Phones Shareware
    Pushing (for series 60) - Tendbeyond Co.,Ltd Mail
    PushPush for Samsung SCH-T300 cellphone Web page closed
    Rock-o-Ban (Rockoban.sis) (S60v2) support external levels. Web page closed
    SK Puzzles Pack (contents 10 different puzzle games with Sokoban). I can only find cracked pack because of this, there is no link here
    Smart Sokoban for Iphone - 2 - Free Version - Pro Version -
    Snap it for Iphone By MyoungSoon Park You can see good based game :)
    Soko Java 1 - Soko Java 2 by EJ3 (Emilio Jose Jimanez) Mail 1 or Mail 2 Freeware
    Sokoban - Author : Joost de Moel Freeware
    Sokoban 2.0 by Inmobile Solutions for Windows Mobile Phones
    Sokoban by BlueSky Shareware
    Sokoban for Iphone
    Sokoban for Mobile - (At Phone explains : Game : Yes, with pre-installed Sokoban for your game playing)
    Sokodroid (+2400 levels) for Android & HTC
    Sokoban Tux
    Sokoban by Joost de Moel (Sokoban.sis)
    Sokoban.jar by Lotec Software
    Sokoban for S60v3- 2- 3 by ZingMagic Limited External levels can be load with xsb format, Shareware
    Sokoban for S60v3 supported Nokia 5700, 6110, 6120, 6121, 6210, 6220, 6290, E50, E51, E65, N71, N73, N75, N76, N78, N81, N81 8GB, N82, N92, N93, N93i, N95, N95 8GB, N96.
    Sokoboxx - FatCatz Mail
    Sokobox (Nokia S60)- 2 - Simarto Mail
    Sokoman (for P800/P900/P910) by ComCul International
    SokoSave Mobile by Eric Sunshine and Paul McCarthy
    Still Yet Another Sokoban by David Joffe for Nokia internet tablet series, N770, N800, N810. Site of the maintainer David Joffe. Mainly Linux SDL based games at the time of writing.
    StoragePuzzle 2009 by Kazu Seki Thanks to Jordi for share
    Tower Of Witch for Iphone
    Warehouse Manager for Smartphone 1.0.3
    YSokoban-Mobile v1.0.1 by George Petrov available for Cell Phones

    Additional note for Sokosave Mobile :
    Getting from - October 24, 2010 10:36 PM
    Question (Keith) :
    I play the sokosave game on my phone. I have the htc mogul 6800. I've seen that in most of the discussions of newer games or remakes of older games are in text form. Can any of these games be downloaded to or added to the sokosave program on my phone. If so, does anyone know how. thank you, from a new sokoban fan. Yes, these games can be added to SokoSave Mobile on your phone. To do so, download the text form of the puzzles or puzzle collections and place them in the \My Documents\SokoSave\Puzzles folder on your phone.
    I forgot to mention that each puzzle or puzzle collection file placed in the \My Documents\SokoSave\Puzzles folder should be given one of the standard Sokoban filename extensions: .sok, .xsb, or .txt
    how do I change the format or extension from .pwi to .sok, .xsb, or .txt.
    Answer (Eric Sunshine) :
    Unfortunately, I do not yet know whether there will be a version of SokoSave Mobile for Windows Phone 7. My understanding is that Windows Phone 7 is not backward-compatible with earlier Windows Mobile releases, and thus may require significant effort to convert (rewrite) programs to work with it. I have not yet researched the issue sufficiently, however, to determine just how much work is required.
    A .pwi file is a "rich text format" created by Pocket Notes. It is not, unfortunately, a "plain text" file expected by SokoSave. I am not aware of any simple way to convert .pwi to .txt on your phone. An alternative is to install a plain text editor on your phone and use that instead of Notes when copying/saving Sokoban puzzles. A number of free plain text editors are available. Here is one I located via a simple web search:

    Additional note for Sokosave Mobile :
    Getting from Eric Sunshine's mail from - March 24, 2011 8:53 AM
    Windows Mobile 6, 5, or 2003, do either of these links work for you?
    WM6/5 :
    WM2003 :
    If your phone is running Android rather than Windows Mobile, then that would explain the problem. Programs written for Windows Mobile will not work on Android.

    © Erim SEVER from Turkey
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