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    Wikipedia : English - Deutsch - Français - Italiano - Português - Japanies - Español - Polski - Russkiy - Netherlands
    Sokoban Wiki, Admin by Sokobano - Also here intelligent compare for Sokoban YASC, Sokofan, Sokoban++, SokoSave Mobile, SokoSave Desktop, JSoko, Sokoban Factory.
    NetHack Wiki - Sokoban, The dungeon exploration game NetHack has a branch set in Sokoban. (Wiki moved)
    Wapedia Encyclopedia - Sokoban
    DBpedia - Sokoban
    Statemaster Encyclopedia - Sokoban
    Let's Logic - The Online Sokoban Community (South Africa) - by Chrysalis Creations.

    SOKOBAN GROUPS (Member Counts at 4.2010) :
    Sokoban - Yahoo Group 998 members without member, see messages
    Sokoban Yahoo Group At Grouply Group 1000 members
    Sokoban France - Yahoo Group 59 members
    Sukokanaba - Yahoo Group 9 members
    Turma_da_vila_re - Yahoo Group 1 members
    Zalak_lab - Yahoo Group 4 members
    Puzzles - Yahoo Group 2652 members - Some Games with Sokoban
    Abandonware Lovers - Yahoo Group 38 members - Some Games with Sokoban
    EIAUS_int - Yahoo Group 3 members - Some Games with Sokoban
    Yahoo Sokoban Group Messages
    Yahoo Sokoban Group Mail

    Sokoban Google Group - The Sokoban Game. 2 members
    BoxSearch - Google Group - Forum of BoxSearch. 13 members
    Sokobot - Google Group - A discussion on developing solvers for Sokoban-like mazes. 1 member
    Racional Sokoban - Google Group - Estudante de cultura racional desde 1986/ quer montar a banda racional de guarulhos. 1 member

    Aymeric du Peloux - Guest Book
    Bjorn Källmark - Guest Book
    Evgeny Grigoriev - Guest Book
    Ghislain Martin (Sokoban Factory - Sokostation) - Guest Map & Book - 2 At Map : Live place, Name, Message, Add link, choose smiley :) - Guest Book
    Sokoskinner - Guest Book
    Svb Sokoban - Guest Book

    SOKOBAN FORUMS : - Forum
    Chinese Bbs Mf8 - Forum - MF8 Sokoban Competition backup forum
    SokoSave - Forum
    SVB Sokoban - Forum
    Mailgate - Forum - Web Page Closed
    Chinese Active Club - Forum

    Sokoban Factory - Blog
    Wikio - Blog
    SokoBox - Orkut Blog
    ChangKai's Chinese Blog 163 - Blog
    Chinese Baidu - Blog
    Chinese Tieba Baidu - Blog
    Chinese Bbs Mf8 - Blog - Google Translate - SuperSoko fans also here now... - with "Rubik's cube fun, Sokoban is also fun."

    Evgeny Grigoriev's Vote Web Page for "Best Authors" and/or "Best Level Set" for Sokoban

    SuperSoko - Chat Room - Web Page Closed

    Sokoban NedTrain - Screengamer & Saver (download here) by Oberon Medialab


    Chinese MF8 Sokoban Competition - English or Chinese - Chinese page Active
    In Turkey one Contest in 2003 from a very big bank's - IS BANKASI - online playable Sokoban web page And the winner web pages for 1. week, 2. week, 3. week.
    François Marques Sokoban Online - Challenge of the month English
    SokobanTurk's main page, they will prepare contest (I can translate "Yarisma" to "contest") now contest not active
    Contest level by Hiroshi Yamamoto (Japan) from by Masato Hiramatsu & Mic (Germany & author)'s email publishs
    Soko Hunter Monthly Contest
    Javascript Sokoban game script's one level and the blog (not a full contest!)
    SedSokoban's 21/03/2002 Contest
    Re: [QUIZ] Sokoban (#5) -- Games in Ruby - Ludum Dare 48 hour game development contest.

    SOKOBAN GAMES (A to Z) :

    3D Crates by James Robertson - edesign
    Alien Sokoban- 2 by Daniel Vaughan
    Agent Sokoban 1.83 by Byxon Games Shareware
    Becher-Ban by Forever Games with level editor, you may choose time, pushes or steps limits
    Beer Sokoban - 2 by Fabian Bendix and Thomas Rongitsch. 3D Freeware Zip file 8.5 Mb
    Ben Ruyl Sokoban 3.0 with level editor Editor Download from here Shareware
    Boxes- 2 by Gilles Merour
    Box World by Jeng-Long Jiang with 100 levels and solution page. Download from here
    Box Man v3.0 (2001), by MagicSeven Studio. First Chinese v1.0 July 1999, English v2.1 December 2000
    Brick Over Islands by Jani Parviainen
    Bunny Tale by SuperSoft
    Caisses - 2 by Gilles Merour Freeware
    Cargo Bay by Cytherean Adventures
    Cargo Track 3 3.5 by Fiorina Entertainment with a map generator. Shareware playable Demo
    Cityban by Jay Parker (Puzzlehouse)
    Chair Equals Money 1.10 by Michael Schmitz Technologies easy method for adding room sets.
    Clean3D by Blendenzo 3D Sokoban clone (soon)
    Clever BoxMan by 8848soft Inc. with level editor, (with all hiddend solutions) Shareware
    Convey by Christian Ofenberg with level editor. Shareware, playable Demo.
    Crates Web Page Closed & Crates 2 by Vaclav Krmela
    Crazy Boxes 1.7 from Red Bull
    DaBooda Old School - Sokoban by MystikShadows Stephane Richard
    DHTML Sokoban by SiteExperts.Community Download from here
    Diamonds Of Doom by Christian Nennewitz Freeware
    Docker Sokoban with XMAS Levels Pack, Shareware
    Easter Journey by Nimrod Farchy
    Easy Soko by Ralf Schmelter
    Ekosam Pascal program by Emilian Marius Bold
    Expert Sokoban by CuteBits Freeware
    Final Sokoban by Yang Chao with level editor - Web Page Closed
    FortNoks. Sokoban remix (1999) by Jurij Szczapow Download
    Gems v1.10 by Sylvain Saccio with 20 levels. Level editor is a separate program.
    GigaSokoban by Byxon Games - 2 +7800 levels Shareware
    Girls from the Block by Dmitriy Korabelnikov aka Deckard with 50+10 levels (OpenGL)
    Hard Ledix by RSKS
    Hru Sokoban by Karel Macalik with level editor.
    J Sokoban (Slick Sokoban)- 2 by Fidel Gonzo with editor.
    Jacks Sokoman by Magnussoft(R) S.L. (49,68 MB) Shareware, playable Demo.
    Jeu SOKOBAN by Bruno Se Lance
    Jimmy Sokoban 1.2 by Jimmy Games (the fun cartoon graphics) Shareware
    Joe`s Farm 1.3 - 2 by Alawar Entertainment (7.87MB) Shareware
    JokoSoko v0.5 by J. Kenneth Riviere with source code.
    Kamikuishiki Sokoban (1995)
    Kikujiro 3.42 by In-Poculis. 3D OpenGL version of Sokoban with 380 levels. Shareware
    Magazynier v1.1 by Janusz Karmanski
    Magic Pearls by Ward De Langhe Shareware
    Magic Sokoban 1.0
    Magic Sokoban Gold- 2 by StrongGames Alex Saenko (3D) Shareware
    Microban - Micro Sokoban by Alex Artamonov Download from here
    Microsoft Cheese Terminator by Zsolt Krajcsik
    Monster Sokoban Author Chinese (?)
    Moover Sokoban character is a cow
    MousePeople Abduction 1.0
    Mouse Mind-SecretsOfPharaon Web Page Closed
    Mr.Sokoban Shareware
    Nick, the Robot Shareware Web Page Closed
    Penguin Push by Mbenney PhreaX with time limit Web Page Closed
    Peter Box for DOS & Windows
    Pocoman by Sleepless Software Inc.
    PokéSokoban v1.1d by James R download web page Level editor is a separate program from another author.
    Proso by Proso Team
    Push! Plaszma No 1 by plaszma
    Push 4 Fun
    Push DX with time limited 200 levels, with level editor
    Pushy PC by Nigel Brown
    PushPush v1.0 by Jason Bernardo with authors 35 levels. Web Page Closed
    Puzzle Monkey by Shareware
    Pyramid Pushers by Shellshocked Entertainment.
    Psykoban (Sokoban man drive forklift thing-a-ma-jig)
    Resco Sokoban by Resco Shareware
    SED Sokoban by Aurelio Marinho Jargas with colorised source
    Smart Sokoban v1.0 by Emerald Lizard Group. Web Page Closed
    Soko v1.0 by Mark McIntyre with level editor and 355 levels. Web Page Closed
    Soko v1.1- 2 by Gabi Lohmeyer (1996) with 7 levels.
    Soko DX v1.0 by Frank and Klaus Hollwitz with 50 levels (additional 99 levels from Howard Abed can be download) Web Page Closed
    Sokoban by Armor Games, 3D Isometric.
    Sokoban by Alpha Emulation Language : Japanies
    Sokoban by Jorge Vilas
    Sokoban by Nimusi Freeware
    Sokoban v.3.4
    Sokoban by
    Sokoban++ v1.6.1 with editor, solver (plug-ins can be add), optimizer, generator.
    Sokoban 1.19
    Sokoban 1994 for DOS/VGA but also work Windows XP (level format is .sbn)
    Sokoban 2.0.2a by GameZone with 60 levels and level editor. Freeware
    Sokoban 2K by Brian Kent with 278 levels (can download additional 200 levels from Alberto Garcia) with level editor.
    Sokoban 2SG by Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. with editor, solver, optimizer.
    Sokoban 3D Ben Ruyl- 2- 3-4 by Jouke Visser with many levels (you can add levels too) and pathfinding. Freeware Open-source code - News
    Sokoban 3D - 2 by Logos Co.
    Sokoban 3D 1.25
    Sokoban 3D by Daniel Schäfer
    Sokoban 3D by Nurdogan Erdem.
    Sokoban 3D by Pavel Mondschein
    Sokoban97 v2.25 limited 1 undo version, v2.3 unlimited undo version.
    Sokoban afsgames
    Sokoban Armageddon by Forever games (Pavel Klavik alias Zlosynus) Shareware
    Sokoban v2.2.5 by Allan B.Liss with original 50 levels. Web Page Closed
    Sokoban by Rune Jorgensenbased on cassetto, with full source code
    Sokoban Classics Can't find link, only picture here
    Sokoban v3.4.0 by Philippe Galmel with 88 levels (additional can be add) with level editor.
    Sokoban Dbisam v. by Strona Zrodlowa - with kit_lego & kit_felix
    Sokoban en JavaScript by Juan Antonio Jiménez
    Sokoban Factory v.1- v.2 by Ghislain Martin from France. Author's explain : Poor dead project
    Sokoban for Windows 2.3b6
    Sokoban for Windows-Bjorn Källmark
    Sokoban Gamewatch
    Sokoban Gamezone with level editor.
    SokobanGP2X by Willems Soft
    Sokobanized by Ghislain Martin from France. Author's explain : Last poor dead alive project with level editor.
    Sokoban Jordan Trugett - My 9 ages dauther love skin and levels playable for her - Isometric Freeware Game
    Sokoban Luboš Havlíèek
    Sokoban Mywork -Chinese lang.- Isometric Game Programming with DirectX7 (I can only play with lite version)
    Sokoban Pirate
    Sokoban Pro 1.20 - Download source files - 40.6 Kb
    Sokoban v1.25 Rozrywka with 4 skin
    Sokoban urgames-online
    Sokoban-Qt from NetHackWiki
    Sokoban XP from XF Studio with 500 levels. Shareware
    Sokoban YASC v1.61 by Brian Damgaard, Denmark with editor, solver (plug-ins can be add), optimizer and generator.
    Sokobark v1.0 by Web Ark Studio
    Soko DX Web Page Closed
    Soko Blobz
    Sokofan v2.5- Sokoban & SokoMindPlus & Hexoban & HexobanPlus & Multiban & MultibanPlus levels support. Web page closed
    Sokofun (Freeware) & Sokofunpro - Sokoblueplus (Shareware) - by Games 4 Brains
    Soko Hunter v2.30
    Sokoman Shareware
    Sokomind v3.4 by Gerald Holler- Download from here. Sokoban & SokoMindPlus Levels with level editor.
    Sokonline v0.05 by François Marques with 543 levels.
    SokoSave v5.1b19 by Eric Sunshine and Paul McCarthy. Supporting Sokoban & Hexoban & Trioban Levels.
    SokoSolve Sokoban 1.3.45 Beta by Guy Langston with Library, Solver, Editor and Generator.
    SokoStation 1 by Ghislain Martin from France SDI attempt (If 216 Error)
    SokoStation 2 by Ghislain Martin from France MDI attempt (If 216 Error)
    SokoStation 3 -
    link 2 by Ghislain Martin from France with 210 levels (editor & solutions) 3D Open GL attempt (If 216 Error)
    SokoStation 4 by Ghislain Martin from France Tabbed & Fullscreen attempt (If 216 Error)
    Sookoban by Davy Willems with 11 levels.
    Soukoban by Staffan Modig and Ward De Langhe with 100 levels with level editor.
    Sourkoban by Rod Gerstad with Map editor/creator (The Python source code is included)
    Space Anarchy 1.0 Freeware (File size : 9MB)
    Space Docker Sokoban
    Still Yet Another Sokoban 2.0.1 v1.00 by David Joffe with 90 XSokoban levels.
    Storekeeper Freeware
    Suckoban by G&GC Work In Progress !
    Super Soko - Web Page Closed - Download DEMO from here
    The Warehouse by Jaron isometric view
    Total Sokoban by Adam George with 6224 levels and level editor.
    Total Sokoban 2 by Adam George with 9868 levels and level editor
    ToXXyn Sokoban by ToXXyn (Aristides Mendes) with 166 levels.
    Tobybear Sokoban Web Page Closed
    Tse's Sokoban for Windows v1.1.6 by Shum Fat Tse with solver and duplicate level finder - Web Page Closed - Tse's Sokoban informer without download Tse's Sokoban web page from Tse's Sokoban download from
    Ufo Sokoban 3D shareware
    Unitix Entertainment 1.00
    Visual Sokoban v2.02 Web Page Closed
    Warehouse Madness (3d) - Link 2 by Mark Weir
    Windows Sokoban-Nikos Web Page Closed
    WinSoko v2.22 - Download by Robert Vasicek with level editor.
    Winwahn for Windows 3.1, 1991.
    WPF Alien Sokoban
    WSokoban v2.0 by Thomas Jensen (jul 1998) All levels from
    Wumbo's Adventure II source code GLBasic included. Web Page Closed
    X-It Again by Jay Parker (Puzzlehouse)
    XNA Sokoban 3D
    XML Sokoban v1.25 by Ilya Kozachenko with 2846 levels (in 53 sets) The levels are in an XML format.
    Yasminuroban-DHTML with editor with a cute child paint skin
    YSokoban v1.91 by George Petrov with lots of Utils at web page.
    Zombie Sokoban by 1001 Web Page Closed


    iGoogle Gadgets - You can add Sokoban to your Google homepage (with iGoogle) (A to Z) :
    Athleban - Pantxo
    Penguin Push - Tom GALVIN with time limit
    Push It - Tom GALVIN
    Push It - NeoTekSystems
    Push It #2 Game - Paul Juegos
    SokoBan en JavaScript - eContento
    Sokoban - Harry THOMAS
    Sokoban - Sinoword
    Space Sokoban - Steve RICHARD

    Yahoo Wiglets - You can add Sokoban to your Yahoo Wiglets Program :
    Yahoo Wiglets page
    Sokoban by Jorge Vilas

    Sokoban Widgets for Opera Browser :
    Sokoban 1.0
    Sokoban 2.1
    Yasminuroban 0.68a

    Facebook Applications - You can add Sokoban to your Facebook webpage (A to Z) :
    Cooperative Monster Containment
    Puzzle Boy
    Stinky Bean 2
    Storage 3D
    Zigmond 3

    Myspace Applications - You can add Sokoban to your Myspace webpage (A to Z) :

    Other Online Sokoban Links (A to Z) :
    TOTAL 26 = Abduction - Box - Boxmania - BSE - Catoban - Catoban II - Crates2 - Crates3D - Penguin Push - Piramics - Pug - Shoveit - Sokoban01 - Sokoban02 - Sokoban03 - Sokoban04 - Sokoban05 - Sokoban06 - Sokoban07 - Sokoban08 - Sokoban09 - Sokoban10 - Sokoban11 - Sokoblue - Sokolor - Sokosoko - WarehouseWill
    Aquaban - with Sven Egevad's levels by Ward De Langhe.
    Blobbit Push
    Boxxle 1989 by Hihtehdo (Gameboy online version)
    Boxxle 3 with level editor
    Bubble Sokoban - 2
    Bug video solutions :
    Cargo Bay Deluxe 1995
    Christmas Sokoban Web Page Closed - Halloween Sokoban
    Chest Pusher
    Crates 3D dupla-sokoban (java) - a baromfiudvarban (flash) - 100 feladvány (java) - 50 feladvány (java)
    DHTML Sokoban
    Dragon Sokoban Web Page Closed Web Page Closed
    Funny Quest
    Hard Ledix by RSKS
    HP Web Page Closed
    Indyo Sokoban by In-Poculis Shareware
    Isometric Sokoban 3D
    Jardin Sokoban with a cute skin for girls
    Jeu Flash Sokoban link 2 by Onamis
    JSoko Applet v1.06 by Matthias Meger's - Playable with every operating system supporting Java; for MacOS 10.3 too
    Kabarcýk Sokoban (Bubble Sokoban) by Kiba Games
    Let's Logic - The Online Sokoban Community with level editor & lots of Authors - by Chrysalis Creations. Web Page Closed
    MazezaM supports Sokoban, Hexoban, Trioban, Octoban
    Mindscape Sokoban3D with 3D Dominos
    Mine Solver
    Monkey Sokoban
    Monster Sokoban by Hirohiko Nakamiya
    Mover - Goobix
    Online Sokoban
    Penguin Push with time limit Web Page Closed
    Peter Box 1992 by Joel Yliluoma
    Pimpernel Sokoban
    Push It
    Push Push by Namster for "Samsung" with Riza Purwo Nugroho's Levels. Web Page Closed
    Riza Purwo Nugroho - 2 with 103 levels.
    Riza Purwo Nugroho Applet with some more addings by Otto Janko with 103 levels.
    Soko Monar - Javascript Virtual Console with editor
    Sokoban3 by DOIchan - bugs fixed by Mac! Skin is beautiful for girls
    Sokoban Absolutist
    Sokoban access-o-mania
    Sokoban Applet - with java source - with 2051 levels (24 of with solutions)
    Sokoban Ben-10
    Sokoban Trickfist main character is an elephant with standard 50 levels
    Sokoban Island
    Sokoban en JavaScript
    Sokoban Evolver
    Sokoban Flash
    Sokoban On-line by Brak Danych
    Sokoban Onamis
    Sokoban Web Sailor Production
    Sokoban Websokoban
    Sokoban Valentine Games limited 1 undo by Milen Vasilev - after free registration you can play online
    Sokobano Web Page Closed
    Sokoben online with lots of level sets and level rotation/mirror- Levels & Skins
    Sokoworld Over 5000 levels - Highscore lists - A lot of different skins - Pure 3D visualisation
    Sokobox by homepage
    SokoZone- 2
    Storage 3d isometric puzzle game from Yougame (from by Oyun Skor)
    Space Sokoban
    Takaken - max move limited ! - Forexample first level must finish at 15 moves.
    Wherehouse - selectable level set
    Yossie Silverman’s Sokoban


    MyBoxxle.xls by Andoni Rodriguez. This new version includes the solution, once you finish it ! He also write MyTetris.xls - MySake.xls - MyMinesWeeper.xls by Asser Haimelin - Finland or also download at download_2. This version includes the solution, once you finish it !
    SokobanXLS_2.xls by Andoni Rodriguez
    SokobanXLS_3.xls by Hans Schou


    Sokoban PRO Visualisation Pluggin for Winamp. It is funny, the targets are moving in synchro with the music !! The game runs fullcreen. Install Winamp, install plug-in. The plug-in should be automatically added to your visualisation plug-ins. Just start it !! And of course, play music in the same time :-)Thanks to Ghislain for share

    SOKOBAN AT LISP (mostly Common-Lisp) :

    Lisp (.lsp) is a kind of Autocad programming file. With Google Code Search : Search for the work "Sokoban" and the language "Lisp". It will returns you many links
    Sokoban Lisp by Michael Weber


    Aymeric du Peloux
    Björn Källmark
    David W.Skinner
    Fabrice Noilhan - I don't know new adress (?)
    François Marques
    Frantisek Pokorny
    Ghislain Martin (
    Howard Abed - I don't know new adress (?)
    Mark McIntyre
    Paul Voyer
    Philippe Lamat - I don't know new adress (?)
    Robert Vasicek - Links
    Rodolfo Valeiras Reina
    Scott Lindhurst
    Yoshio Murase

    MORE SOKOBAN LINKS (A to Z) : Links A guy called Rudy listed a lot of freeware games for Windows, without install or setup, and there was a category dedicated to Sokoban. Rudy left us in early 2010 due to a lung cancer. As said on the main page : let us remember him in our hearts and enjoy his legacy. There are something like 70 Windows freeware stand-alones Sokoban (including clones, variants, remakes). Very very thanks for this email note for Ghislain Martin from France and i want God's mercy for him...
    Rodolfo Valeiras Reina's Links About "SOKOBAN FOR OTHER COMPUTERS & SYSTEMS (A to Z)" very lot information getting from his web page. And you can additionaly find at his page; access levels, format supports, level maximun size, record and retrieve intermediate positions, record and play solutions, language, programming language with his comments.
    RVasicek Links
    Sokosave Links
    True Dimensions Links
    XSokoban - Other pages

    In Japan there are lots of Sokoban game in Gamewatch - pocket puzzle.

    © Erim SEVER from Turkey
    The most auspicious of people is the one who is beneficial to other people. - Hz. Muhammed - from Rumi's testament