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    14 / December / 1503, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence - 02 / July / 1566, Salon,
    Michel de Nostredame, "Nostradamus"
    at "Centuries" (10 cover of a book)
    Very nice works-well done. Keep doing your wonderful art. Wish you success.
    Sorry there is no email :)

    12 / November / 2000 Email from Sokoban97 Program Author Gerald HOLLER
    For My First 15 Sokoban Levels. And when i finished Sokoban97 (with limited only 1 undo version)
    Hello Erim,
    Thank you very much for sending me your levels.
    It is nice to find out that there are not only always the same people who want to have there levels published.
    Meanwhile, I have played them all and I enjoyed it.
    I will put your levels on my website later this evening.
    Keep up the good work.
    Kind regards

    04 / January / 2001 Email from SokoMind Program Author Gerald HOLLER
    Hello Erim Sever,
    Thank you very much for your new levels. Meanwhile, I have played all of them. Particularly, I have enjoyed playing your SokoMind Plus levels. I am very glad that there is somebody who makes not only normal levels but also some levels with numbers.
    I have put your new levels on my website
    . . .
    Your erim11.xsb shows a very interesting idea: all boxes are already on their targets, but the one with the number is not on the right target square. I find this a very funny and interesting level, and I will put it on my website as "Special Level" during the next days.
    Kind regards

    19 / February / 2005 Email from Sokoworld Program Author Bart LIBERT from BELGIUM
    And also online Sokoban Game in Macromedia Director MX 2004 author.
    I just watched your page and must say that it confuses me a lot, but I'll have another look in a few moments.
    Maybe its because the same page handles about more than 1 version of the game.

    08 / March / 2005 Email from Sokofan Program Author Eric LEUNG
    My First Hexoban Levels designed at 28/February/2005 and HexobanPlus & Multiban & MultibanPlus Levels designed at 01/March/2005 because of I downloaded Sokofan v1.4 at 28/February/2005 :)
    Greetings Erim Sever,
    I read your message posted on the Yahoo Sokoban Group and had a look at your web page.
    I was surprised to find that you have created Multiban+ and Hexoban+ levels which can be loaded by the program Sokofan which I wrote.
    I have to say that it was not in my intention to support such types of levels when I started programming : I only wanted hexoban, multiban and sokomind plus but since a lot of code was common to all of these, it just happened that they could be combined !
    Anyway, I am glad someone is having fun creating those weird types of levels ! I don't know how you do it without a proper editor but the result is interesting and entertaining.
    I especially like the new 18 or so Sokomind+ levels which are very rare. With Sven Egevad, you are practically the only creators for those kinds of levels.
    I think such a sokoban variant is not enough taken into account by the sokoban community. The challenge I believe is to create maps that are not too small or/and packed and still be interesting.
    I hope you will keep up with the good work!
    I am also wondering if you would accept to have your levels included in my next release of Sokofan (version 1.5 will fix a few bugs and have new things like move-optimized pathfinding and animation). I will understand if you prefer to have them available on your web page or have not yet finalized your creations.
    I also downloaded your levels and may I bring your attention to the following : . . .
    Eric Leung

    08 / March / 2005 Email from Dries De CLERCQ "Blue Deep"
    Well done mr erim !
    Your site contains many interesting links and levels
    It might not be such a bad idea to use multiple pages though
    Best regards,

    12 / March / 2005 Email from David W. SKINNER Who Suggested Idea for First Hexoban at 19 January 2002 !
    Nice job with your Sokoban web site. Lot's of great content.
    David W. Skinner

    14 / March / 2005 Email from "SPS" Solver Program Author Faris Serdar TASEL
    Guzel site dostum. deki sayfamda linkini verdim.
    ( Good page my friend. I give a link at my adress )

    19 / March / 2005 Email from Alfred PFEIFFER Who Suggested for First Multiban at July 2002 !
    Hello Erim,
    Your web pages about Sokoban and related puzzles are very informative.
    Its nice that you also made some puzzles for Multiban :-)
    Would you allow to display them at my Multiban web page of course with your name and the link to the source ?
    . . .
    The curious level "erim_multi03.hsb" is obviously not an usual Multiban. I assume you tried there to apply the idea of Multiban to the Hexoban layout.
    Friendly greetings,
    Alfred Pfeiffer

    20 / March / 2005 Email from Michael STEINS
    Because of this email I discovered "Sokoban Level Analyse Programs" and we can play some of "Shapen Levels" (and introduced Marek LETRAB)
    Hello Erim,
    My compliments with your new website, it is a true sokoban-encyclopedia.
    With others I agree that the use of multiple pages might help in the accessibility of the site and the access to the information.
    . . .
    I hope that you will continue to create levels, expand your site and keep every sokoban-fan happy with your efforts.
    Greetings from Groningen, The Netherlands,
    Michael Steins

    21 / March / 2005 Email from Box Search Solver Program Author Ge YONG
    Hi, Erim Sever,
    Glad to hear from you.
    Maybe you already know that the Chinese government prevents the people from accessing many foreign website, fearing of democracy world.
    I can't visit your homepage at my home, fortunately, I work for a foreign company where I have free access to internet. I visit your sokoban page this afternoon, it's the best sokoban information collection I have ever seen! I expect it to be "the world's sokoban level database". :)
    . . .
    Best regards,
    Ge yong from Shanghai

    22 March - ... / 2005 lots of Emails from Sokoban Analyser & Sokoban Retriever & Hexoban Editor Programs Author Victor KINDERMANS
    He really lot work for SokoErim1.xls file's development.
    Now it supports sizes up to 35 wide by 25 high. (and added my big size levels)
    And also levels with the man on a goal at starting position.
    And also add my 100 to ... sokoban levels in it, "Xsb To Excel" with writing a program xsb to xls file adaptor (139kB zip)
    So my all sokoban levels can be played.

    28 / March / 2005 Email from Will Be A New Sokoban Program In a Little Later (newest) Author Jeffery Chow
    Hi Erim,
    Thank you for letting me use your levels! I'll send the game URL out to everyone once the web site is set up.
    Thanks again!

    04 / April / 2005 Email from Sokotrim.htm and SvenTolls(QBasic) Util Programs Author Sven EGEVAD
    Because of this email we can play some of "Shapen Levels"
    Hi Erim,
    I really like your levels. When playing them several times I could see solutions where some parts of a level were inactive. Attached to this mail are some levels with the inactive parts frozend to walls. Solutions to those sharpend levels will also be a solutions to your orginal levels.
    . . .
    Many Thanks for Your GREAT Levels

    12 / April / 2005 Email from Sokosave Program Author Eric SUNSHINE
    Thank you for the reference to your Sokoban site. I have added links to your site in the "Puzzle Collections" and "Resources" sections on the "SokoSave Links" page:
    If/when I release a new version of SokoSave with proper support for puzzle collections, I will be happy to include your puzzles with it.
    -- ES

    20 / April / 2005 Email from SPS Solver Program Author Faris Serdar TASEL
    Hello Erim,
    I checked your site again. It's really wonderful and satisfying about Sokoban Game. It's like Sokoban Magazine. Everything about sokoban can be found in your site.
    In addition, THANK YOU for great promotion of SPS ! :)

    20 / April / 2005 Email from Sokoban Analyser & Sokoban Retriever & Hexoban Editor Programs Author Victor KINDERMANS
    Sorry i not agree with you Mr Victor about your last sentences at this email, keep on working enough :)
    Hi Erim,
    I visited your page already various times.
    I just visited it again.
    I think, you have the richest collection of sokoban links that ever exists in universe.
    I remember Rodolfo Valeiras' page with a lot of links to game versions, but I think, you have even more of them.
    Nevertheless I think that it would be more interesting to split the page in various pages, via a menu or so.
    I also think you are mentioning my name to much. I didn't do so much and I don't merit so much attention.
    Thanks & regards,

    22 / April / 2005 Email from Sokoban Game (Ms Dos) Author Bernard NAHRMANN
    And His New Sokoban Solver Not Yet Finished
    Hello Erim,
    thanks for your E-mail. Sorry for my bad English, but I'm from Germany and didn't write in English for a long time. I`m a really Sokoban fan. Early in the 80's I got my first Sokoban program, I think it was for my Apple II or an IPM PC with a 80286. Late in the 80's I wrote a Sokoban program for Ms-Dos and a sokoban solver program during my study of computer science. Solving Sokoban with a computer is a quite hard problem and 15 years ago nearly impossible.
    . . .
    Until today I solved a thousand levels or so including your levels.
    I know many sokoban sites in the Internet including your Site, which is really an almanach of sokoban and the site with the most informations.
    In the last weeks I had time for programming a new sokoban solver program because of an illness. I programmed a brute force method for solving sokoban with a push and move optimal solution forward from the beginning position and backward from the end positon. My solver is really fast analyzing more than 200.000 or 300.000 a seconds but is an really brute force attack.

    24 / April / 2005 Email from Some Sokoban Level Author Mantzoukis SPYRIDON
    Hi Erim!
    i schecked your site. excellent! congratulations!
    sorry but i don't have anything to add on it.
    i tried through your page to get access to david holland's site but always return with "the wef site cannot be found". well maybe has changed(?).
    you can find some of the levels i've made in
    . . .

    SUMMARY HISTORY (Newest to Oldest) :
    28-02-2010 - I put page(s) to a modern style.
    22-02-2010 - Opened page(s) with old style (same geocities style).
    20-02-2010 - I bought
    09-2009 - Geocities closed by Yahoo!
    . . .
    12-11-2000 - I sent my first levelset to Sokoban97 (and then SokoMind) Program Author Gerald HOLLER.
    . . .
    08-1998 - Before 1 week from my army time, i find Sokoban in internet ... I LOVE IT AT THAT TIME :)

    © Erim SEVER from Turkey
    The most auspicious of people is the one who is beneficial to other people. - Hz. Muhammed - from Rumi's testament