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    Aggressive Sokoban by nemu90kWw
    Aqua online
    Block Manouveres Version 1.7b with editor
    Boulderdash with level editor - online
    Boulder Dash 1.6
    Bound Around
    Brick Over Islands 30levels
    Bricks - Competition
    Cassetto by Volker Pesahl with 34levels
    Chromentum shareware with editor
    Crypt Raider online
    CubeDrift with level editor, without Sokoban man, with level editor. Shareware
    Digger (© 1992-1994 Harald Winkler, dos levels © 1993, 1994 von Stefan Doá)
    Don't Fall In The Water by Jamie Barclay
    Easter Journey by Nimrod Farchy
    Genius Move
    Igor-The Time Machine with editor (+ Sokoban level converter)
    Landfill by Torben Osted
    Lighthouse Lunacy Product Shareware
    Lode X with level editor (F8)
    Logic Trap 1.1 by Fairygames (5.68MB) Shareware
    Miraplacid Salmonster 1.0 3D
    Pac Sokoban
    Pumpy by Momor Productions OpenGl & 3D Sokoban with level editor
    Puzzle Moppet 3D Sokoban style block pushing game but with some more object types among other things game by Garnet Games
    Puzznic online
    Puzztrix - Shareware
    Rats Demo
    Safrasoft RoX v1.4 with editor
    Shove-It (demo) online
    Snow Storm online
    Socolor online
    Soko-Soko-Ban-Ban dual sokoban-10levels
    Soko with editor
    Sokocar by Dries De Clercq Web page closed
    Sokox1 - Lode X with editor Web page closed
    Sokostrong by Dries De Clercq Web page closed
    Sokovari online
    Trouble Underground (Dupla Sokoban) online
    Vexed 1 online
    Vexed 2 online
    Wonderland 3D
    Zeek the Geek - with editor
    Zigmond shareware with editor - 2


    Pac-Man - The Classic

    Ballance - Atari - Demo Download Puzzle with reflex
    3D 4 Cubed Chess - Cubess (Patent Number 5338040)
    3D-Chess game
    HexiChess by Tim Angley
    Chess Mazes (online)
    Taasen - The Game Of Tryslmaistan Chess By Jennifer Diane Reitz
    Chess with different characters
    . . .


    Klotski - Hua Rong Dao Tool (Solver Program) 's author email -2
    Rush Hour like Klotski


    Rotating Insanity Cube (Rubik's Cube)
    Rubik's Cube Online

    Rush hour (Traffic Jam) - Solver Copyright 1998 Game
    Atomix /
    Another Master Mind v1.2b Pentamino v1.0 - Igor Davydov

    Lines 2000 v1.0 - Foxyware Inc. - Lisik - I saw Cihangir Ozturk's play who live in Izmir-Turkey, his play (at one game) is never end...

    Fire by Stéphane Mitermite with 3D more than 150 levels OpenGl 1.2


    Smart Dots v1.0 - Smayntec - Charles Timmerman
    Dots v1.0 - Paradigms Lost - A.C. Barentyne
    Just Skid (online-for kids too
    IQ Test v1.0 - Terry Wilkins

    Othello v1.0
    Brain Cell
    K-Lights 2000 v2.0 Kye v2.0 - Save the children!
    Brains Breaker gift v3.0(0.3)-a Puzzle

    Puzzle Maker - Castle Oaks Computer Services
    Teracom e-game - Willow Marketing Games
    Pick Up Sticks - Smayntec Game Pack - Charles Timmerman

    TIM - The Incredible Machine

    Snow Storm

    GameMaster Capable of playing Chess, Gomoku, Reversi, Pente, Hex and several other board games or their variants

    Bir Islem which is a famous TV program's game in Turkey
    Solo Test
    Solo Test - Author Selma Karacabey
    IQ Game like SoloTest
    Mummy Maze
    Jigsaw Puzzles

    Sliding Block by Dries De Clercq - A huge collection - Solver
    Bricks Game
    Escape 5.8.08 Shareware

    Rottus' Sequence Test The RST is a selfscoring culture fair IQ test which consists of 25 logical sequences.

    Rottus' Genius IQ Test The Genius IQ Test comprises more than 50 different puzzles. Most of them are rather difficult.

    Quadnet not puzzle, not brain, a fast reflex game :))

    © Erim SEVER from Turkey
    The most auspicious of people is the one who is beneficial to other people. - Hz. Muhammed - from Rumi's testament