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    Sokoban Web Page 1
         History of Sokoban
         Sokoban Rules
         Sokoban's Impossible Moves
                Blocked Moves
                Trapped Moves
         Sokoban Map - XSB & RLE (run-length-encoding) & SMS format's Summary
                Format XSB and LURD for SMS
                SokoConverter (XSB-RLE) - Java Program by Juan Uriarte - Online
                Logic for maps XSB-RLE in multiple lines - Yahoo group messages
         Sokoban Map - .Sok format's Summary

    Sokoban Web Page 2
         Sokoban Links
                Wikipedia - Sokoban Wiki - Wapedia Encyclopedia - DBpedia - Statemaster Encyclopedia - Sokoban Community
                      Wikipedia - with lots of languages
                      Sokoban Wiki
                      Let's Logic - The Online Sokoban Community
                Sokoban Groups
                      Sokoban Yahoo Group
                      Sokoban France (Les Fanatiques de Sokoban) - Yahoo Group
                      Sokoban Factory - Yahoo Group
                      Sukokanaba - Yahoo Group
                      Turma_da_vila_re - Yahoo Group
                      Zalak_lab - Yahoo Group
                      Puzzles - Yahoo Group - Some Other Games with Sokoban
                      Abandonware Lovers - Yahoo Group - Some Other Games with Sokoban
                      EIAUS_int - Yahoo Group - Some Other Games with Sokoban
                      Yahoo Sokoban Group Messages
                      Yahoo Sokoban Group Mail
                      Sokoban Google Group
                      BoxSearch - Google Group
                      Sokobot - Google Group
                      Racional Sokoban - Google Group
                Sokoban Guest Books
                      Aymeric du Peloux - Guest Book
                      Bjorn Källmark - Guest Book
                      Evgeny Grigoriev - Guest Book
                      Ghislain Martin (Sokoban Factory - Sokostation) - Guest Map & Book - 2 At Map : Live place, Name, Message, Add link, choose smiley :)
             - Guest Book
                      Svb Sokoban - Guest Book
                Sokoban Forums
             - Forum
                      Chinese Bbs Mf8 - Blog - With Backup Forum - SuperSoko fans also here now...
                      SVB Sokoban - Forum
                      Mailgate - Forum
                      Chinese Active Club - Forum
                Sokoban Blogs
                      Sokoban Factory - Blog
                      Wikio - Blog
                      Chinese Blog 163 - Blog
                      Chinese Baidu - Blog
                      Chinese Tieba Baidu - Blog
                Sokoban Level Author Vote
                      Evgeny Grigoriev's Vote Web Page for "Best Authors" and/or "Best Level Set" for Sokoban
                Sokoban Chat Room
                      SuperSoko - Chat Room
                Sokoban Screen Gamer-Saver NedTrain
         Sokoban Contest
                Chinese MF8 Sokoban Competition Active
                In Turkey one Contest in 2003 from a very big bank's - IS BANKASI - web page And the winner web pages for 1. week, 2. week, 3. week.
                François Marques's Sokoban Online - Challenge of the month English
                SokobanTurk's main page, they will prepare contest (I can translate "Yarisma" to "contest") now contest not active
                Contest level by Hiroshi Yamamoto (Japan) from by Masato Hiramatsu & Mic (Germany & author)'s email publishs
                Soko Hunter Monthly Contest
                Javascript Sokoban game script's one level and the blog (not a full contest!)
                SedSokoban's 21/03/2002 Contest
                Re: [QUIZ] Sokoban (#5) -- Games in Ruby - Ludum Dare 48 hour game development contest.
         Sokoban Games (A to Z)
         Sokoban Online Playable Web Pages (A to Z)
                iGoogle Gadgets - You can add Sokoban to your Google homepage (with iGoogle) (A to Z)
                Facebook Applications - You can add Sokoban to your Facebook webpage (A to Z)
                Other Online Sokoban Links (A to Z)
         Sokoban at MS-Excel (A to Z)
         Famous People's Sokoban Web Pages (A to Z)
         More Sokoban Links (A to Z)

    Sokoban Web Page 3
         Sokoban Programs For Other Computers & Systems (A to Z)
                Alice Computers
                Amstrad CPC 6128
                Atari 400 & 800 XL
                Atari 2600
                Atari 8Bit (Atari XL)
                Atari ST
                Casio CFX9850 to FCX9950
                Casio CFX9850G y compatibles
                Casio CFX9860GC compatibles
                Cassiopeia BE-300 Pocket Manager
                Commodore VIC-20
                Enterprise 64/128
                Epoch Game Pocket Computer (=Pokekon)
                Franklin Ebookman
                Game Boy
                Game Gear
                GNU/Linux (X Window System)
                Hango PJB100 Personal JukeBox
                HP-49G, HP-48, HP-38G
                HP-49, HP-50
                Jupiter Ace Forth Computer
                Kodak DC290 Camera
                Microcolor Computers
                MS Dos
                MSX MSX
                MSX MSX2
                NET framework - Microsoft
                Nintendo Wii
                Palm Pilot
                Play Station
                Pocket PC (Windows Mobile)
                Schneider CPC 6128
                Sega Game Gear
                Spectrum HoloByte (Sinclair ZX-Spectrum HoloByte)
                SQL Server
                Thomson Computers
                TI-83 Requiere SOS y ZLib.
                VG5000 - A very old French Computer
                Z 88
                Others & Sokoban for Minigame (It like Tamagocchi keychain)
         Sokoban For Satalite Systems (A to Z)
         Sokoban For Mobile Phones (A to Z)

    Sokoban Web Page 4
         Sokoban Levels
                Contain Many Levels (A to Z)
                Periodicaly Changing Levels (A to Z)
                Level Authors (A to Z) - For now more than 100 authors in list
                How to make a computer generated level
         Sokoban Level Scores
         Solution File Descriptions (After Solving One/Lot Level)
         "Start With End Position" Levels - Not A Sokoban Variant Game Only A New Style (New Option Introduce)
         Sokoban Levels At Emails (A General Hint For Pass Email Bugs)
         Sokoban Levels Research For Diffirent Cultures

    Extra Sokoban Web Page - My Levels & Sharpen Levels
         My all Sokoban & Variants Levels (Total = 381 + 38 Sharpens = 419)
               Sokoban 270 Levels
               SokoMind Plus 38 Levels
               Hexoban 49 Levels
               Hexoban Plus 1 Levels
                      Multiban Sokoban 5 Levels
                      Multiban Hexoban 4 Levels
               Multiban Plus 1 Levels
               "Start With End Position" Levels
                      Start With End Position Sokoban 12 Levels
                      Start With End Position Hexoban 1 Levels
                Sharpen 38 Levels by 6 Authors
                Level Scores - for Minimum Moves & for Minimum Pushes
         My Sokoban Levels in MS Excel - Excel_1 , Excel_2 , Excel_3 , Excel_4
         Play my Sokoban Levels now - Java Program by Riza Nugroho - Online
         My Sokoban Skins
         My Special Imports for Sokoban & Variants
         My first Sokoban & Hexoban Levels' Autocad files - R12.dxf , R2000.dwg , R2004.dwg

    Sokoban Web Page 5
         Sokoban Web References - Educational & Progressive Look (A to Z)
                100 Printable Puzzles and Solutions 1
                A Survey of NP-Complete Puzzles Graham Kendall Andrew Parkes Kristian Spoerer - Nottingham, UK
                A “very old” Flash Sokoban prototype November 13, 2007 by Emanuele Feronato
                Alien Sokoban Silverlight Project with codes, fully explains.
                Automatic Generation of "Sokoban" Problems Yoshio Murase & Hitoshi Matsubara & Yuzuru Hiraga - Japan IPSJ JOURNAL Contents Vol.39 No.03
                Automatic Making of Sokoban Problems - by Yoshio Murase & Hitoshi Matsubara & Yuzuru Hiraga - 1996
                Chapter 9 PSPACE: A Class of Problems Beyond NP - by Jon Kleinberg & Eva Tardos - 2005
                Computational Complexity of Games and Puzzles Combinatorial Games, David Eppstein, ICS, UC Irvine
                Distributed Analysis with µCRL: A Compendium of Case Studies
                Domain- Dependent Single-Agent Search Enhancements - Junghanns & Schäffer, 1999 (with 2 link)
                Domain-Independent Construction of Pattern Database Heuristics for Cost-Optimal Planning
                Enigma Manual for version 1.00 Copyright c 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 Daniel Heck
                Exercises and problems in Informatics December 2004
                Experimenting with YASG and YASS. One way to do it. - How to make a computer generated level - by Sven Egevad
                Extending PDDL for Hierarchical Planning and Topological Abstraction - Adi Botea & Martin Müller & Jonathan Schaeffer - University of Alberta
                Evolving a compact, concept-based Sokoban solver - Master thesis - Tom Schaul, April 18, 2005 (pdf file with 53 pages)
                Finding Optimal Solutions to Sokoban & Atomix
                From Laboratory to Warehouse: Security Robots Meet the Real World - by H. R. Everett, Douglas W. Gage (1999)
                GP-Rush: Using Genetic Programming to Evolve Solvers for the Rush Hour Puzzle - Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva 84105, Israel
                Hierarchical Planning and Learning for Automatic Solving of Sokoban Problems - by Jean-Noel Demaret, Francois Van Lishout and Pascal Gribomont
                HIROIMONO is NP-complete BRICS Basic Research in Computer Science - Daniel Andersson University of Aarhus BRICS Report Series January 2007
                How Good is Almost Perfect? - Malte Helmert and Gabriele Roger - Albert-Ludwigs-Universit¨at Freiburg, Germany.
                How to build a good Sokoban level? - Games 4 Brains - Mic © 2005
                How to Solve Sokoban : Alternate Methods - by Jukka Lahtinen - HTML Conversion by Kate Nepveu. Updated September 5, 2002.
                How to solve Sokoban levels in 3.3.1? - McDermontt
                ICGA Journal Vol. 25, No. 4 - December 2002
                Macro Operations
                MGPT Problem 22 - Sokoban with Code - Author : Ashwani Pachauri
                Nikita Danilov's Blog
                On the complexity of Sokoban - Stephen Sabey (Unpublished 1996)
                Planning with Pattern Databases by Stefan Edelkamp Institut fur Informatik Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat D-79110 Freiburg - October 19, 2000
                Problem A. Optimal bribing Goryinyich Challenge X (internet version), October 23, 2009
                Problemdomänen Lloyd’s Puzzle und Sokoban R. Hofstetter, M. Zesiger - FH Bern - 07.01.03 (a German language pdf file with 46 pages)
                Project 1: Classical Planning Robot Intelligence: Planning 8803 - Mike Stilman 8/31/2009 (pdf file with 4 pages)
                Pushing Blocks Erik Demaine's Combinatorial Games
                Pushing Blocks is NP-Complete for Noncrossing Solution Paths - by Demaine, Hoffmann (2001)
                Pushing the Limits: New Developments in Single-Agent Search - Andreas Junghanns & Jonathan Schaeffer - University of Alberta (1999)
                Ruby Quiz & Quiz Solutions
                Scalable, Parallel Best-First Search for Optimal Sequential Planning by Akihiro Kishimoto, Alex Fukunaga, Adi Botea.
                Semantic based classification of search enhancements by Hussain, S.J. Zaidi, F.A. - Dept. of Comput. Sci. Mohammad AIi Jinnah Univ. Pakistan
                Single-Agent Search in the Presence of Deadlocks - Junghanns & Schäffer
                Soko Learn - Stefan Edelkamp - Universität Freiburg, 20-04-1997
                Sokoban and other motion planning problems (extended abstract) Dorit Dor, Uri Zwick, Tel Aviv University, 28 Juni 1995
                Sokoban: Evaluating standard single-agent search techniques in the presence of deadlock - Andreas Junghanns and Jonathan Schaeffer 1998
                Sokoban Evolution - Lee Haywood
                Sokoban for Macintosh - Scott Lindhurst
                Sokoban Oyunu Araþtýrma Raporu, Ortadoðu Teknik Üniversitesi, Yapay Zeka Grubu, 2002 - Sokoban Game Research Report, METU, 2002
                Sokoban: improving the search with relevance cuts - Andreas Junghanns and Jonathan Schaeffer, University of Alberta, Canada T6G 2H1
                Sokoban is PSPACE - Joseph Culberson
                Sokoban is PSPACE-complate Draft Technical Report (node1 - node2 - node3 - node4) - Joseph Culberson - Universty of Alberta, 1999
                Sokoban: Reversed Solving - Frank Takes - Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS), Leiden University June 20, 2008
                Sokoban solutions - Vintermann & Harald Korneliussen's weblog. September 14, 2005
                Sokoban Solver for AI course - AI sokoban solver
                Sokoban trace data format
                SokoMind Freeware Logic Puzzles - Phil Shapiro
                Solver Programs Descriptions - Faris Serdar TASEL
                The Educational Value of Sokoban Puzzles - Phil Shapiro. November, 1995
                The First Answer Set Programing System Competition
                The KSokoban Handbook - The link is not active now
                The Lemmings Puzzle: Computational Complexity of an Approach and Identification of Difficult Instances by Kristian Spoerer, BSc, 2007
                The Nondeterministic Constraint Logic Model Of Computation, ACM Computing Research Repository. R. A. Hearn and E. D. Demaine
                The Two Styles Of Sokoban or "The Potential Of Small Puzzles To Fool People" - Games 4 Brains - by David Holland
                Tutorial 2: A* and Genetic Algorithms by Derek Hao Hu - Sep 21, 2007
                Upwards: The Role of Analysis in Cost-Optimal SAS+ Planning - Andrew Coles and Amanda Smith, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, G1 1XH, UK
                Using Abstraction for Planning in Sokoban Adi Botea, Martin Müllerand Jonathan Schaeffer (pdf file with 16 pages)
                Using Component Abstraction for Automatic Generation of MacroXSokoban
                Using Problem Reduction and Introspective-based Search for Sokoban - by T. Pannérec (France) - Online paper prize is $20.00
                Using Regression Match Graphs to Control Search in Planning - by Boudewijn Waijers with contributions by various others. (March 5, 2001)
                Victoria University of Wellington - Computer Science - A Framework for Lightweight Web-based Visual Applications Donald Gordon
                What People Have Said About Sokoban - Scott Lindhurst
                Why Sokoban -
                XSokoban - Andrew Myers
                Zarko's Delphi Programming Blog - Sokoban - Delphi (game) full source code to the Sokoban game

    Sokoban Web Page 6
         Solver program's explains (Algorithms, how they work, the number of permutations, some compares)
         Sokoban Level Solver Programs :
                1 - Box Search
                2 - Sokoban Automatic Solver
                3 - SPS
                4 - R-Box
                5 - Solveur 56 & Solveur 224
                6 - Mysol 20
                7 - Solution (Sokosolve) - Sokoban Level Solver & Generator
                8 - TSE'S Sokoban's Solver
                9 - YASS - Yet Another Sokoban Solver
              10 - Solvsoko
              11 - Uncle Chuck's Solutions
              12 - Sokosolve
              13 - JSoko Applet - for MacOS 10.3
              14 - PocoSolv - A solver program for Sokoban and Pocoman
              15 - Prolog Solver Generator - for programmers only
              16 - Sokoban Solver - For Machintosh
              17 - JeSokoban Solver
              18 - Sokoban Solver Rolling Stone
              19 - EasySok
              20 - Svb_Solver
              21 - Sokoban Solver
              22 - Path-Searching Test Program ver.1.1 2004.06.02
              23 - Sokoban Solver - Reasoning Under Uncertainly
              24 - MzmSolve - A program whicj solves MazezaM level.
              25 - Box World Solver 1.03
              26 - Ban (solveban) - For now abandonware with source codes
         Solver Plug-ins For Games
              Sokoban ++
              Sokoban YASC
         A Hint At Solver Programs For My "Start With End Position" Levels
         Sokoban Level Solver - Java Program by Paul Voyer - Online
         Sokoban Level Solve Analyser (LuRd) by François Marques - Online
         Sokoban Level Solutions
              Original Sokoban (50) & Yoshio Murase autogenerated (52) & Yoshio Murase handmade (??) Solutions
              Sokoban Levels and Solutions
              SPS Solver Author's Sokoban Solutions DB Search (Type level number / name / collection name / XSB map of the sokoban level you look for a solution)
              Enter a Sokoban Solution Manually - for XSokoban
              Solution to Box World
              Uncle Chuck's Sokoban Solutions - Interactive Java Applets 1 - 2
              George Meier's Sokoban Solutions with pictures
              Soko Hunter solution files for original levels

    Sokoban Web Page 7
         Sokoban Level Generators (A to Z)
              1 - Cargo Track 3 3.5
              2 - SokEvo - A Not End Project
              3 - Sokoban ++
              4 - Sokomize v1.00 For TI-89 platform
              5 - Sokosolve
              6 - Sokosolve Sokoban
              7 - Svbgen
              8 - Q Basic Tools - GenSok.bas with some more programs
              9 - YASGen v1.19 - Yet Another Sokoban Generator - For Small Levels

    Sokoban Web Page 8
         Sokoban Variants
              Sokomind Plus (Numbered Sokoban)
                   Describe SokoMind Plus Levels
              Hexoban (Hexogonal Sokoban)
                   Hexoban Games (A to Z)
                   Hexoban Games for Other Systems (A to Z)
                   Describe Hexoban Answers
                   Hexoban Levels (A to Z)
                   Hexoban Utils
                        Level Editor
                        Solver - Online
                        Find Dublicate levels program
                   Hexoban Level Solver - Java Program by Paul Voyer - Online

    Sokoban Web Page 9
         Extra Utils For Sokoban & Variants - totaly 57 utils with explains
              Level Editor programs - Sokoban Web Page 2 (Games with Editor noted)
              Level Solver programs - Sokoban Web Page 6
              Level Generator programs - Sokoban Web Page 7
              Level And Solution Explain Programs
              Level Manager Programs
              "Solution To Level" Analyser Programs
              Finding Level Duplicate Programs
              Collecting or Seperating Level Programs
              "Sokoban to Sokoban Variants" Level Converter Programs
              "Not XSB to XSB" Level Converter Programs
              "XSB to Game" Level Converter Programs
              Picture Kind Utils & Convertors
              More Utils
         Tutorials To Make Own Sokoban "Games"
         Sokoban Font Collector Web Pages
         Sokoban Island (A Terragen Image)
         Sokoban Skin Collector Web Pages (A to Z)
              My Sokoban Skins with more details and sources of pictures
         Jpg Picture Optimizer Program(s)
         Web page's dead link find/detect program(s)

    Sokoban Web Page 10
         Sokoban Pictures (and cartoons)
         Sokoban Videos
         Other Videos For give ideas to Sokoban Authors

    Sokoban Web Page 11
         Sokoban Like Games & Downloads (A to Z)
         Other Games & Downloads

    Sokoban Web Page 12
         My Special Memories At Emails from year 1503 ;) to today
         Summary History (Newest to oldest)
         I added a new message box - Online but not checked yet


    My Levels, skins & internet web pages & emails.

    NOTES :

    I "fully agree" with YHexoban program author George Petrov's ideas which include at his web page :

    "I am not a Sokoban maniac. It is not important for me to optimize a solution and I do not want to solve some level in a best way. I want only to solve it and more important: I do not want to solve some level if I have already solved it. So my implementation tries to find whether you have already solved this level before, even if level was rotated, or man was moved to a different (but equivalent) position. There are many Sokoban collections now which mix levels from different authors (sometimes rotated or mirrored). So before playing some level just take a look at lower right corner, if there is a score - you have already solved this level. If you play for the first time this collection, that means that you solve it before and it was included in some other collection."

    But I think to collect my levels' "minimum moves" and "minimum pushes" scores (perhaps with solutions) because :
    1 ) With "Level Analyser" programs we can possibly get some "Sharpen Levels",
    2 ) For not agree with me people (for Sokoban Maniacs) :)

    - -------- ------
    All of my levels have solutions. I keep all the Solutions & some of Best Scores
    Perhaps this web page can not be finalized because Sokoban is a wonderful game with easy rules.

    I only want to share Sokoban, because of at my first play really I couldn't leave (standard 50) levels until all solved and it spent my whole nights.

    If anyone send me notes, corrections, more informations or new links; I want to share all of them from here too.

    I put lots of notes and emails for copyrights, registers and trademarks. If I have forgotten some, or if you find a dead link please email me for best share.

    Kind Regards

    "Special Thanks" for my parents, they gave me the life and I only give them problems.

    "Special Thanks" for my wife and dauther who gives me "The Power of Life" with their smiles.

    My Sokoban Idiom :  Well is not deep, rope is short . . .

    Yep.. I Love This Game..
    © Erim SEVER from Turkey
    The most auspicious of people is the one who is beneficial to other people. - Hz. Muhammed - from Rumi's testament